This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary since the formation of the Long Riders’ Guild in 1994.

With Members in more than 40 nations, the Guild has mentored or equipped more than 200 equestrian expeditions that have crossed every continent except Antarctica.

In addition to operating the commercial-free Guild website, and creating an Academic Foundation devoted to equestrian studies, the LRG Press has published hundreds of books in five languages, thereby ensuring the preservation of humanity’s equestrian travel wisdom.

It also protects the literary estate of Aimé Tschiffely, the most famous Long Rider of the 20th century.

Unlike the modern horse world, with its focus on competition, commercialism and nationalism, the Guild is designed to be a mounted brotherhood. The Guild’s philosophy states that Long Riders believe equestrian travel has no frontiers, political or otherwise. It is the heritage of every nation.

Though Long Riders individually originate in every imaginable country, they represent no specific nation.  They will not be simplified by categories into sex, creed, allegiance to one horse breed or lines drawn on a map.

They believe the definition of a Long Rider should be courage in the face of danger, resolve in the presence of hardship, and continual compassion for their horses. They are comrades of the saddle whose agreed-upon international language is "horse."