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One of the luxuries we carry is a portable solar-shower.  It is basically a strong plastic bag, with a hose and a small shower head.  Weighs about one kilo, and it is a very useful thing to have.  Howard Saether and Janja Kovačič

PHD mountain software

This wonderful sleeping bag has kept me warm on many expeditions, and it weighs almost nothing!

Rosie Swale Pope

sleeping-bag.jpg (33123 bytes)

bucket.jpg (9691 bytes)

Ortlieb has a good bucket that is great for horses, washing anything etc.

Saskia Machaczek

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My stove is an American Coleman with attachable gas cylinders (screw-in
type).  Why is gas better? Its cleaner and easy to use, no need every time to clean the stove from dirty petrol or watery petrol, and get stuck without warm
food in your stomach in the middle of the Hindu Kush. It's light and with 3
cylinders (about 1kg) I can travel alone for almost 10 days, altitude has never been a problem I have used it up to 5500 meters, more than 17,000 feet. 

Simone Carmigniani
Primus.jpg (12674 bytes) A stove that burns virtually any fuel: gas canisters/cartridges with a butane-propane mix, white gas, auto petrol/auto gas, diesel, kerosene/ paraffin and jet fuel. Primus OmniFuel constitutes a significant development of the Primus MultiFuel, designed for the Himalayas in 1995. The newly designed burner has a pre-heating system that saves fuel and minimizes the priming time. The control valve is giving perfect and immediate control - you can adjust the flame to exactly the heat you want - which enables you to prepare fine meals outdoors (not just heating water like in the old days). Turning the liquid fuel bottle upside down turns off stove and bleeds the fuel line. No spills, no flare-ups. A sturdy aluminium pump, a new multi tool and a new carrying bag in nylon/neoprene with a zipped tool pocket comes supplied.

Weight:  19 oz. (540 gr)

Rosie Swale Pope

Items of interest

These have not been tested by any Long Riders, but we believe they are worth investigating.

Flint-firestarter.jpg (16812 bytes)

Wyoming Flint Firestarter - This basic survival tool consists of flint, magnesium bar, and striker. Flint is hot enough to light fine or dry material. Scrape magnesium into shavings, bunch together and ignite with the flint spark. With steel blade and leather attachment thong.

Picket-stake.jpg (24498 bytes)

Solid Aluminum Picket Stake- 24" long

Picket stake of 1" solid aluminum rod is 24" long. Swivel dee on top. Weight: 2 pounds.

Purify as you go with the Katadyn® Exstream Water Bottle! Drink with confidence from any fresh water source in the world! Sediment and hard-to-kill protozoa (e.g., Giardia, Cryptosporidium) are filtered out; smaller bacteria and viruses are neutralized; carbon element filters out bad tasting (and dangerous) chemicals. You'll get up to 100 liters of fresh water without hoses, pumps or boiling before replacing the cartridge. Has a handy carry loop for attaching to your belt or day pack. Holds 26 oz; 11" tall, 2˝" diameter; weighs 8 oz.

Brunton Helios stormproof lighter, When weather is a factor, the Helios is the answer. A high-temperature internal flame withstands up to 80 mph winds. When the lid is closed, this butane-fuelled torch is waterproof and the piezo ignition reliable for at least 30,000 ignitions. Now that’s a lighter.

The Voltaic Solar Backpack is built tough for use as a weekend bag or as your everyday business bag. Its 600D denier fabric is made from recycled PET ( soda bottles) which is tough, water resistant and light weight. With high density padding in the shoulder straps and back, plus a fully padded laptop sleeve, this ultimate backpack will easily hold a 17" laptop. Better yet, this pack carries 4 WATTS of solar power from 3 tough, lightweight, solar panels, for fast charging. Included is a battery pack, which stores the power until you need it, and 11 adaptors for easy connection to all your hand-held devices.

The Jetboil Personal Cooking system has everything you need to quickly boil 1 Litre of water in under 2 minutes. It features a high efficiency burner housed in a wind protective shroud. You then attach the cooking cup, which is a 1 Liter, hard anodized cup that has an attached heat exchanger. This heat exchanger almost doubles fuel efficiency. Also included are an insulative cozy for the pot, an 8 oz. plastic cup with measuring lines, and a lid.

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