The Long Riders' Guild

Ray Everitt is riding from the South of France to Berne, Switzerland

21 May 2002

The latest news we have of Ray is that it has been incredibly cold:  Ray wakes in the morning to find the ground covered with frost!  

He is also finding the going really tough, with no signposts and just wild terrain, it's sometimes quite difficult to make sure he's on the right route. But he's thoroughly enjoying it. 

14 June 2002

Ray has just spent a week at the home of Gérard Barré, Long Rider and webmaster of and, and Gisèle Claire. 

The weather was atrocious, the forecast worse.  “The area is being ravaged by violent thunderstorms,” Ray told The Long Riders’ Guild.  So what did Ray and Gérard do?  Obvious really – they organised a concert in nearby Morestel to raise money for the French charity which helps victims of autism.  Entitled “Beauty and the Beast,” the evening was a howling success in spite of being arranged in record time.

The following are extracts from the local newspaper's report on the concert.
"Ray's repertoire, which combines tenderness, humour, questioning and humanity, is rooted in traditional, folk, blues and country music.  A few days earlier, during an improvised rehearsal, Ray happened to meet up with Sandrine Varnet, a young singer well known in the region.  In a few hours they put together a duet for two songs - the surprise of the concert:  "Beauty and the Beast"!  The wonderful mixture of their two voices and their choice of harmonies sent ripples through the audience - again.  At the end of this magic evening, Ray thanked in public the Pasion CRIOLLA Association for its support and its welcome."

Ray and Black photographed while staying with Gérard and Gisèle

© Philippe Guéron, Pasion CRIOLLA

© Philippe Guéron, Pasion CRIOLLA


Ray has now got back in the saddle and is heading for Switzerland.  We wish him a good journey - and vastly improved weather.  

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