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Historic Meeting of Long Riders in London!

Photo by Dan Bachmann, FRGS


1. CuChullaine O’Reilly, FRGS, of the United States – made the longest equestrian journey in Pakistan.  Author of Khyber Knights.

2. Dietmar Köstler, of Germany – has made several equestrian journeys in Europe. 

3. and 4.  Claudia and Hans-Jürgen Gottett, FRGS, of Switzerland – made a horseback journey between Arabia and the Alps.

5. and 6. Louella and Robin Hanbury-Tenison FRGS, of Great Britain – made four horseback journeys:  from the Camargue to Cornwall, the length of the Great Wall of China, across the two islands of New Zealand, and the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella.  Robin is the author of White Horses over France, Chinese Adventure, Fragile Eden and Spanish Pilgrimage.

7. Tim Cope, FRGS, of Australia – is currently on a 6,000 mile Long Ride from Mongolia to Hungary. 

8. Gordon Naysmith FRGS, of Scotland – rode 20,000 kilometres from South Africa to Austria.  Author of The Will to Win.

9. Adnan Azzam, of Syria– has made many equestrian journeys, including one from Madrid to Mecca.

10. Steven O’Connor, FRGS, of Ireland – rode from Spain to Cornwall.

11. Pedro Luis de Aguiar FRGS, of Brazil – rode 12,000 miles in his own country.

12. Jean-Louis Gouraud, of France – rode 3.333 km. from Paris to Moscow, and presented his horses to Raisa Gorbachov.

13. Esther Stein FRGS, of Austria – rode from South Africa to Kenya with her husband, Horst.

14. Wendy Hofstee, of the Netherlands – made an equestrian journey in the Andes.

15. Catherine Waridel, of Switzerland – rode alone 8,000 miles from the Crimea to Mongolia.

16. Christina Dodwell FRGS, of Great Britain – has made many intrepid journeys, including a ride through Turkey and Iran.  Author of A Traveller on Horseback.

17. Howard Wooldridge FRGS, of the United States – rode from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and is currently riding from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

18. Jeremy James FRGS, of Wales – made two horseback journeys between Asia Minor and the British Isles.  Author of Saddletramp and Vagabond.

19. Bjarke Rinke, of Denmark – author of The Centaur Legacy, the astonishing book about man’s relationship with the horse.

20. Vladimir Fissenko, of Russia – rode 18,000 miles from Tierra del Fuego to the top of Alaska.

21. Gene Glasscock, of the USA - rode to all 48 State capitals.

22. George Patterson FRGS, of Scotland – rode across the Himalayas during the winter of 1949.  Author of Journey with Loshay.

23. Basha O’Reilly FRGS, of Switzerland – rode from Russia to England.  Author of Count Pompeii – Stallion of the Steppes.

24. Jean Cunninghame Graham (Jean, Lady Polwarth), of Great Britain – representing Aimé Tschiffely, the most famous Long Rider of the 20th Century, and Robert “Don Roberto” Cunninghame Graham, magnificent horseman and extraordinary author.  Jean is the author of Gaucho Laird.

25. Titti Strandberg FRGS, of Sweden – made a Long Ride in Patagonia with her husband, Mikael, who is currently on an expedition through Siberia.

26 and 27.  Sharon Muir Watson and her husband, Ken Roberts, of Australia – were the first to ride the length of the Bicentennial National Trail (3,000 miles) in their country.  Sharon is the author of The Colour of Courage.

28. Keith Clark, of England – made an equestrian journey in the Andes.

29. The Swiss cavalry saddle which Otto Schwarz gave to the Long Rider’ Guild. Otto used this saddle on all his Long Rides - 30,000 miles on five continents.  The saddle was manufactured in 1916 and survived two world wars.


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