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Saskia's horses

"The mares are simply sweet. Momo, which I ride is nearly as high as Dakota which I used to ride in France. Momo resembles a barrel and you can hardly feel her withers. She sometimes gets on my nerves when she dawdles so that I have to drive her on.   She is good at trot and comfortable in gallop which I can only enjoy very rarely as Luna carrying the luggage must follow suit. Momo is very cuddly and totally sweet. The saddle fits as if made to measure. She is bridled with a hackamore allowing her to react to my slightest bridle movements, left, right, backwards - no problem. She is not used to being tethered, and a long rope makes her completely unhappy, as she gets into a panic when one leg gets tangled up, instead of moving that  leg back slowly.

Luna the white mare in charge of carrying my luggage is a clown. She emanates joie de vivre and is not afraid of anything, examines everything edible, and would jump obstacles for a handful of hay. As soon as we stop she looks around for a small blade of grass. At first the luggage intimidated her a lot but now no longer; it is a matter of course. She stands like a rock when I heave the 25 kilo chests onto her saddle. Hobbles are no problem for her. It looks as if she had none. When tied with long rope she runs about as if she were unleashed allowing the rope to play around her four feet. Her character is friendly and cuddly like Momo. These two are inseparable. When I fetch them from the paddock I only need to lead one of them with a rope, the other will follow. At noon I unload Luna and hobble her. She can graze perfectly. Momo runs about grazing with the rope hanging freely. She doesn’t walk far although the rope is not tied to anything."

Repollito is an 8-year-old Criollo gelding which was bought for Ernesto when he was riding with Saskia in February.  Saskia kept the horse, who turned out to be very intelligent.  "Suddenly Repollito stopped.  I got off and pulled him to follow.  In the beginning he refused, but then decided to trust me.  What a mistake..  He sank in the water up to his stomach and couldn't get out.  I took off his saddle, but that was no help.  He simply could not get out."  But he did get out in the end, brave boy.

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