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Swiss Long Rider

Aimé Félix Tschiffely


The most famous Long Rider in history is Aimé Tschiffely.  In 1925 Aimé set out to ride 10,000 miles alone from Buenos Aires to New York city.  For the next three years Aimé and his two Criollo geldings, Mancha and Gato, survived a litany of hardships unequalled in equestrian travel.  The trio trekked through mud-holes, over quicksand bogs and across rivers,  over the mountains of Bolivia and into the steep jungle valleys of Peru and across the  Matacaballo (“Horse-killer”) Desert.  The towns they travelled through include La Paz, Cuzco, Lima, Quito and Bogota, Panama, San José, San Salvador San Luis Potosi.  They crossed into the USA at Laredo and continued to Washington via San Antonio, St. Louis and  Columbus.  The three were hailed as a heroes by the President of the United States

Aimé went on to write the best-selling equestrian travel book of all time, Tschiffely's Ride.  It was translated into German, French, Finnish and Polish, and inspired generations of horsemen to head over the horizon.  In addition, he wrote many other remarkable books.  To view the exciting titles in the Tschiffely Collection, please click here,

For more information about this legendary Long Rider, please visit his official website.  There you will find rare correspondence, documents, articles, photographs and a treasure-trove of information about his life.  There are also pages dedicated to his wife Violeta, and his famous Criollo horses Mancha and Gato.

To read the intriguing history of the guardianship of Tschiffely's Literary Estate, please click here.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century The Long Riders' Guild commissioned this painting to commemorate Aimé Tschiffely, the most famous equestrian traveller of the twentieth century.  We believe this painting symbolizes the ancient symbiotic relationship between horses and humans - a relationship The Long Riders' Guild believes will reach to the stars.

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