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2019 – News!

This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary since the formation of the Long Riders’ Guild  in 1994. READ MORE…

Long Riders’ Guild Academic Foundation

Horses and the Changing Environment

Beginning in 2012 the Guild began actively monitoring how changing climatic conditions were having an adverse affect on equestrian travel. Eyewitness accounts gathered by Long Riders confirming hostile weather and environmental hazards appeared in The Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration. Adverse weather events and horse-killing droughts have subsequently resulted in the creation of a new section on the Guild’s Academic Foundation website. The new Environmental Research project has been launched with the publication of an important Ecological Evaluation of Wild Horse Herds written by Craig Downer. Having inspected more than thirty wild horse and burro herds, his illustrated report reveals how the equine habitats are at risk. (Photo of Cerbat mustang mare and foal copyright Craig Downer,)

The Horse in Myth, Mystery and Magic


Renowned equestrian scholar Jeremy James is a Founding Member of the Guild, who wrote the Foreword to the Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration.


The Temenos Academy, whose mission is to acknowledge that spirituality is a prime need for humanity, invited Jeremy to present a lecture which explained how the horse became defined as a divinely inspired instructor of mankind. The image depicts the constellations Pegasus and Equuleus. READ MORE...


Czech Long Rider Dalibor Balut carried the Guild flag across Eastern Europe on his fourth journey. A new documentary film shows the beautiful country he rode through.

Paola Giacomini continues her historic journey from Mongolia to Italy. After crossing the Russian border, she was greeted by Lithuanian Long Rider Vaidotas Digaitis, who rode with Paola for five days to the border of Poland.

Syrian Long Rider Adnan Azzam  has departed from Damascus on a journey that will take him to Baghdad (Iraq), Tehran (Iran), Baku (Azerbaijan) and finally to Moscow (Russia). After enduring gruelling heat, Adnan has now reached Tehran.
Brazilian Long Rider Filipe Leite has begun the final stage of his Ride Across the Americas. Having previously ridden from Canada to Brazil, and then Brazil to Patagonia, Filipe is completing the epic journey by riding from Fairbanks, Alaska to Calgary, Canada, where his journey began in 2014. He was assisted in Alaska by Long Rider Pete Praetorius.
American Long Rider Bernie Harberts is renowned for the journeys he has made with mules. In February, he and his fiancée, Julia Carpenter, were married – in the saddle - whereupon Bernie departed with his mules Brick and Cracker on a journey from North Carolina to Idaho.

How to Ride in Albania

In 2019 American Long Rider Ashley Parson and French Long Rider Quentin Boehm set off to pioneer the “Trans-Albanian Trail.” Riding 800 kilometres from south to north allowed them to obtain excellent information about this ancient, interesting and hospitable nation. Their special report appears in the Guild’s “How to Ride” collection.

Comprehensive Hoof Boot Report

In 2005 American Long Rider Bernie Harberts set off on his first equestrian journey. During that “ocean to ocean” trip Bernie encountered an emergency when his mule, Woody, lost a shoe. The resourceful Long Rider resolved the situation by creating an emergency hoof boot (left) made from “duct tape wrapped around inner tubes.” In the subsequent years Bernie has made many other rides, travelled thousands of miles and has used a variety of hoof boots. The result is The Hoof Boot Report a fully illustrated and totally comprehensive analysis of how three of the most popular hoof boots performed while travelling through bad weather, thick mud and challenging terrain. Bernie explained, “There have been tremendous advances in hoof boot design in the past decade. There are now so many decent contenders that we thought it would help to create a document that Long Riders curious about hoof boot travel will find useful.”

LRG Pack Saddle Ready for New Adventures

After an unprecedented ten-year field test, Long Riders have successfully used the Canadian adjustable pack saddle on every continent except Antarctica. Kelly de Strake, owner of Custom Pack Rigging, has generously donated three of these important pack saddles. The first pack has travelled 14,000 miles from Canada to Patagonia with Filipe Leite. The second pack saddle is stationed in Argentina, where it has been used by many Long Riders including Stevie Anna Plummer. The third pack saddle was used by Kohei Yamakawa, who carried the LRG flag across Japan. This pack saddle has now been transferred to Great Britain, where it is stationed in Cornwall with Cathleen Leonard and her horse Taliesin,

Long Rider Honoured as a “Living Treasure”

 The term “Living Treasure” designates those rare Long Riders who attained a high degree of mastery regarding equestrian travel. This honour is never bestowed because of mere mileage. It is not measured against how many dangers one has survived. It does not take into account the number of nations a person rode across. It is never linked to celebrity. Being accounted a Living Treasure means the person is not only knowledgeable in a technical sense. This is an honour extended to a handful of the Guild’s tribal elders, each of whom achieved spiritual enlightenment during a difficult journey and then passed on their traditional knowledge to a younger generation.

American Long Rider Legend Honoured – Lucy Leaf (right) has been designated a Living Treasure by the Long Riders’ Guild. READ MORE…

The Guild welcomes its New Members

Quentin Boehm and Ashley Parsons pioneered a route across Albania.


Sarah Murphy undertook a special journey to document the potential environmental damage caused by the creation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline which will cross the Appalachian Trail and national forests.
Chuck Williams rode from Virginia to Arizona.

Long Riders’ Guild Press

Demise of Extraordinary Equestrian Scholar Bjarke Rink

A special obituary reveals how the Long Riders’ Guild Press was privileged to discover and then publish what has been described as a “revolutionary” book, written by an author of incredible talent and originality.   READ MORE….


Long Rider Named President of Author’s Guild

Douglas Preston has been named President of the oldest, largest, and most prestigious organization of authors in the English-speaking world.  The best-selling equestrian travel author has not only provided inspiration to a new generation of Long Rider authors, Doug has rigorously defended authors against corporate exploitation by organizing Authors United. In his book, Cities of Gold, Doug describes the gruelling thousand-mild ride he made across the mountains and deserts of Arizona and New Mexico in 1989. A new autographed edition of Doug’s book Talking to the Ground describes how he journeyed on horseback through the Navajo Nation in the company of his wife and daughter.

An Ocean of knowledge!

I have previously read The Horse Travel Handbook, It is a vital book for equestrian travellers on a journey. But in my opinion the Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration is the ocean of knowledge compared to the life boat which is the Handbook.

The EEE doesn't present you with theories. There were no traces of bias or uneducated opinions.

Everything in the book has been tested and tried by generations of Long Riders, who teach you everything you could possibly need to know about equestrian exploration. It is richly illustrated with hundreds of images and I found it very easy to understand and follow.

I am using the Encyclopaedia’s three-volumes to educate myself prior to my own equestrian adventure, which will take me from Russia's Pacific Ocean to England's Atlantic Ocean.

I have no previous experience with horse travel, so I believe this speaks volumes about the value of the information within these books.

If a journey of such magnitude as I plan can be done with the aid of the Encyclopaedia, I believe it is safe to say that any journey can be undertaken if you obtain the knowledge which CuChullaine O'Reilly has kindly discovered and documented in the Encyclopaedia.

These books are a must have for all those wishing to develop their understanding of equestrian exploration.

Nikita Gretsi


Literary Debut of a new Long Rider Author

At the dawning of the 21st century equestrian travel literature was on the brink of extinction. Long Rider authors such as Robin Hanbury-Tenison and Jeremy James had written excellent books in the late 20th century but those fine works had gone out of print. The Long Riders’ Guild Press was created to preserve equestrian travel classics. In addition, the Guild has always encouraged Long Riders to become authors. Subsequently Long Rider authors such as Richard Barnes, Tim Cope, Bernice Ende, Andi Mills, Louis Meunier, Mefo Phillips and Ian Robinson all produced equestrian travel books. Joining the list of Long Rider Authors is Cathleen Leonard. In the late summer of 2017 Cathleen set off on an epic adventure to realise a childhood dream. Her book, Before Winter Comes, recounts how in the company of her horse, Taliesin, Cathleen travelled more than a thousand miles from the north of Scotland to her home in Cornwall. This is the story of one woman's journey of self-discovery, courage, determination, and encounters with the better side of human nature.

A Timely Warning from a Tribal Elder!

Robin Hanbury-Tenison is a Founding Member of the Guild whose journeys won him a gold medal for exploration from the Royal Geographical Society. As President of Survival International, Robin journeyed to all parts of the globe in an effort to protect indigenous people. A tireless campaigner who has long advocated the need to respect Nature, Robin’s new book, Taming the Four Horsemen, issues a stark warning to humanity. READ MORE


English Long Rider Inspires Russian Documentary

One of the most remarkable equestrian explorers of the 19th century was English Long Rider Kate Marsden. With the aid of Queen Victoria and Countess Tolstoy, Marsden made a hazardous ride from St. Petersburg to Siberia, where she sought to bring medical assistance to a remote colony of Russian lepers. Upon her return to London, Marsden became one of the first women granted the honour of being made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Marsden’s book, which is published by the Long Riders’ Guild Press, remains a classic. The intrepid nurse turned equestrian explorer is still revered in Yakutia and the Republic of Sakha, where a new documentary film company, Arctic Film, is preparing to tell Marsden’s exciting story.

Shadows and Ears

The Guild’s unique collection of equestrian travel images now spans more than 100 years of Long Rider history – from the equine’s point of view. This photo shows Bernie Harbert’s mule Cracker pondering the day ahead as they travel across Indiana.

The Italian Cavalry Charge against British Tanks!

There is a common myth that the Polish cavalry made a desperate attack against German tanks. Such an event never took place. But in January 1941, Baron Alfredo Guillet, known as the Italian “Lawrence of Arabia,” led a cavalry charge against British tanks in North Africa. Details of this extraordinary, but largely forgotten, episode were recorded by noted equestrian historian Tootoo Imam. READ MORE…

Journey from Canada to Guatemala Inspires Special Book
Canadian Long Rider Chris MacLuckie, who completed a 5,000 mile journey, has written a unique book which will appeal to Long Riders. In a message to the Guild, Chris wrote, “Horse travel literature abounds with shod and pack horse how-to’s, however, solo and barefoot horse selections are far and few between. This concise book provides the essentials to successfully travel thousands of miles with one unshod horse. READ MORE….

Africa’s Cavalry Kingdoms
The time is right to tell the horse world about the forgotten knights of West Africa. The possible social magnitude of Professor Robin Law’s startling revelations about this vast and academically unexplored horse culture is akin to discovering a previously unsuspected equestrian planet. READ MORE…..

Guild Welcomes British Wagon Master

Because wagon travellers experience the same problems as Long Riders; i.e. the daily need to find grazing and water and the necessity of shoeing their equine companions, the Guild has always supported our “equine cousins,” the wagon travellers.

In 2018 a remarkable wagon traveller completed a journey which not only raised money for a worthy cause but inspired the nation to follow her adventure.

Daisy Sadler set off at the age of 73 to make a thousand mile wagon journey across the United Kingdom. Her team of Brabant horses, Olive and Arthur, pulled a wagon equipped with solar panels, a mobile wi-fi hub and LED lights.

Known as ‘Daisy’s ExPlodition’ the remarkable traveller raised £27,500 for the Brain Tumour Charity and won Horse & Hound magazine’s Inspiration of the Year Award (PDF) in 2018.

Heat Kills Australian Horses

Temperatures in central and western Australia have reached 49.5 Celsius (121.1 Fahrenheit).

The extended heat wave has been so extreme that roads are melting and animals are dropping dead. Forty wild horses were found dead at a dry waterhole near the remote community of Santa Teresa in central Australia. The Ltyentye Arpurte ranger team discovered the dead horses, which had previously been seen wandering in search of water. The lack of water has forced local authorities to carry out an emergency animal cull, shooting 2,500 camels and an estimated 100 Brumby wild horses, who were dying of thirst.

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