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Long Rider News - Autumn 2007

Judi Daly has written a fascinating article for The Long Riders' Guild Academic Foundation about recovering stolen horses.  This informative article details the origins in 1853 and work of The Anti-Horse Theft Association (AHTA).  Judi's article concludes with an explanation of how modern horse thieves are hunted by Stolen Horse International, the Internet descendants of the original telegraph posse.

Long Rider Jessica Bigler has been forced to end her travels round Britain prematurely because "All the bridleways are closed or overgrown, everything is fenced, private, mainly I have to walk on tarmac roads."  How shaming for all those who are supposed to protect Britain's bridle paths!

Exciting Equestrian Expeditions.   In the last four months, Long Riders have ridden across Albania, travelled from Syria to Sweden, negotiated the treacherous Mojave Desert, journeyed from Italy to Russia, made an historic crossing of North America, reached Land's End from Switzerland, gone from Tripoli to Khartoum, followed in the hoof prints of Genghis Khan, and narrowly escaped life-threatening dangers in the Pamir mountains.  Well done, Long Riders!

Special Visual Tribute. The great Swiss Long Rider, Madame Catherine Waridel, though only 4' 8" tall, rode 8,000 miles alone across Central Asia. She is the one who said, "Being a Long Rider is more than just a matter of miles. It is a question of honour, dignity and behaviour." As if to demonstrate the wisdom of Madame Catherine's words, we present this link to North American Long Rider Bernice Ende, whose courage and kindness epitomize the values symbolized by The Long Riders' Guild.

The Long Riders' Guild wishes to welcome the following new Members:  Frank Bessac, Jessica Bigler,  Renate Larssen, Andi Mills, Edie New, Dominick Stephens, Carolyn Whittington and Erin Zweiner.  Information about their journeys can be found on the Members Pages.

Long Riders Launch International Search for Equine DNA during World Ride Long Riders from every part of the globe are being invited to become the first horse owners to participate in the world’s largest international equine DNA experiment.

The Long Riders Guild Academic Foundation launches new Equestrian Wisdom and History series. In addition to republishing the most important equestrian books previously written, the historic series will also release indispensable new works by the world’s leading equine academics, equine investigative journalists and riders. There are approximately one hundred titles scheduled for production and the books will be available in a host of languages.

The Long Riders’ Guild is proud to announce that several Members of The Guild have been invited to give lectures regarding their travels and the equestrian wisdom they have learned during their journeys. 

Girthless pack-saddle discovered!  Tom Moates shares a  fascinating article about a girthless pack-saddle and an ancient horse-hair saddle blanket, both of which were discovered by Long Riders.  The article appears courtesy of our editorial comrades at Eclectic Horseman magazine.

Ground-breaking research done by The Long Riders' Guild Academic Foundation (LRGAF) regarding America's deadliest equestrian epidemic has been published in Horsetalk, the international equestrian news service. The original LRGAF research project regarding the forgotten equestrian influenza epidemic has been delivered to governmental and equestrian leaders in Australia and New Zealand.  

New Stories from the Road - an English Long Rider shares valuable lessons from 1937, a twenty-first century Long Rider reveals how her journey transformed her life and a British Long Rider escapes death but is arrested!  

A Long Rider’s View of the World - evocative pictures of Road Horses' ears and shadows, taken by a variety of Long Riders over the past hundred years, launch a unique new collection.

Horse Connection magazine reports on Long Rider Legends to meet in Hungary Scottish Long Rider Gordon Naysmith, the only equestrian explorer ever to have ridden 14,000 kilometres from the bottom of the African continent into the heart of Europe, journeyed to Hungary to greet Australian Long Rider Tim Cope!

Rare Letters link Aimé Tschiffely and Historical Long Rider Charles Furlong The Long Riders’ Guild has discovered that North American Long Rider Charles Furlong assisted legendary Swiss Long Rider Aimé Tschiffely in a historic publishing venture and shared memories of their mutual Latin American equestrian adventures.

The Wagon Travel Handbook is in print!  This is the finest book ever penned about wagon travel, a volume which embodies a wealth of hard-earned experience and lore gained by David Grant and a team of other international wagon travellers. Grant is the legendary Scottish wagon-master who journeyed 14,000 miles around the world in a horse-drawn wagon.

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Long Rider endorses extraordinary saddle!  After riding across the Mojave Desert and Western United States, Andi Mills shares her positive review of the Steele Mountaineer travelling saddle.

Sad news from Christine Henchie and William Brenchley.  Their beloved horse, Rahaal, has died during their historic journey across the African continent.

The BBC has begun work on a documentary regarding one of the most influential Long Rider authors of all time, Robert Cunninghame Graham.  Production is being handled by the Scottish film company Caledonia TV, who confirmed they will be filming in Scotland, Argentina and in the United States. 

Oklahoma honours Little Long Riders Bud & Temple Abernathy Frederick, Oklahoma, the hometown of the Abernathy Boys, has undertaken a new series of exciting events designed to preserve the legend of the Little Long Riders.

Missing in Action - The Guild is anxious to locate information regarding Long Riders who rode from Montana to Maine, Germany to Central Asia, and New York to South America. 

The world's premier source for expeditions, Explorers Web, has published the LRGAF's article regarding Captain Scott and the equine snow shoes ExWeb is an information-packed, avidly-read news hub regarding international efforts to climb Mount Everest, reach the North and South Poles, undertake dangerous nautical journeys, etc.  The Guild is pleased to report that ExWeb is now also reporting on equestrian exploration.

"Chariots return from the dawn of civilization" - The international equestrian news site, Horsetalk, has published an excellent article about the amazing Saddle chariot which is designed and built by The Guild's inventor-friend, Simon Mulholland. 

The Long Riders' Guild is delighted to announce that two companies are promoting and selling Horse Travel Books titles and would like to thank them both:  Outfitters Supply and Eclectic Horseman.

BBC news reports on the conclusion of Tim Cope's Long Ride in the hoof prints of Genghis Khan.

Superb photographer, North American Long Rider Walter Nelson, has asked The Guild to announce his involvement in a special project regarding a Night of Memories, War and Peace Fundraiser for Save the WWII Murals which will take place on November 17th 2007:  "Attached is a page from a promotional brochure in Marfa, Texas.  The exhibit will encompass photography, painting and sculpture in a 14,000 square foot space."

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