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Eduardo Caporale has finished his ride across Buenos Aires State.

Here is a translation of the email Eduardo sent to The Guild at the completion of his journey. Many thanks to Long Rider Raul Vasconcellos for the translation.

Dear friends,
I’m Eduardo Caporale; I just finished a horseback journey on Saturday 23 May.  I traveled for a month throughout the Province of Buenos Aires covering a distance of 960 kilometers.  I went to Gral. Lamadrid in ten days where I spent two and one half days; from there I returned home.  I’m telling you that it was a beautiful trip; I met very good people.  If I would have accepted all the invitations I could not have ridden more than 50 Km per day.
The day of my departure I had saddled up my mare “Pampita”, but at the time of departure she bucked up throwing me to the ground, running away at open field; her saddle turned around spreading things all over the place.  I saddled up “Maruca” but I would not depart with only one horse; so, I decided to take with me Apache, a horse more than 20 years old who was not shod, and left Pampita. Even though I was still sore (from the accident) I saddled up and departed while calling the blacksmith Manolo Bombin; he reached me at eight kilometers from departure and shod the horse Apache.
When I arrived a month later back to the departure point, Paraje la Lucha de Otamendi, the horses were in good conditions but rather tired.
The horseback ride was very nice, the weather too.  I usually slept in the open, except when it was a possibility of rain putting up a tent. The people were very nice and I had a TV interview in Vela.  Also two radio interview in San Cayetano where I was invited to a dinner.
I have had a very nice time away of the routine; it was a “charging batteries” before restart the daily activities. I’m sending you pictures. 

Eduardo Caporale.

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