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The Long Riders' Guild

Contact details for those organizations and individuals mentioned in this investigative report


Tom Morganís Mongol Derby

70A Victoria Parade

Bristol, England


Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent events manager at the Adventurists - +44-01779-541-515


English jockey, turned Mongol race rider, Richard Dunwoody

For enquires please contact Liz Ampairee -


FEI Endurance


FEI Endurance Director Ian Williams - +41-21-310-4747


Olivia Robinson, Publications Manager at FEI headquarters in Switzerland - +41-21-310-4723


Mercy Corps Corporate Headquarters, Portland, Oregon  - +1-800-292-3355


Mercy Corps Edinburgh Headquarters, Scotland

Jennifer Adams, Event Development Coordinator at Mercy Corps - +44-131-662-5173


Mercy Corps Mongolia


Project Director of Mercy Corpsí Civil Society in Mongolia. Ms. U. Mandal - +976-11-460-905


American Endurance Riding Conference

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