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The Long Riders' Guild is very grateful to the following members for sharing all their hard-won knowledge and experiences.  Without them, these pages could not exist!

Mary Pagnamenta  - rode up through both islands of New Zealand

Tracy Paine - rode 10,000 miles in the United States

Douglas Preston - made a Long Ride in the South West of the USA, author of "Cities of Gold."

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Julian Ross - has ridden extensively in Transylvania;  author of "Travels in an Unknown Country"

Howard Saether and Janja Kovačič  - have just completed a ride from Uruguay to Bolivia

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Isabelle Saupiquet - has ridden extensively in Europe, particularly France.

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Rosie Swale Pope - made a Long Ride in Chile, including across the Altacama Desert;  author of "Back to Cape Horn."

François Varigas - rode from the Texas-Mexican border into Alberta, Canada

Stan Walchuk - rode from Alberta, Canada, into Alaska alone via the Cordillera region of the American Rocky Mountains.  Author of "Cordillera!"

Robert Wauters - has made many Long Rides in Europe, and has made a lifetime study of both saddles and horse-shoes.

Janine and Jim Wilder - have spent the last five years riding through all 48 of the continental United States.

Lisa Wood - rode up the Pacific coast and also rode from the Pacific to the Atlantic.  Author of "Chasing the California Dream."

Howard Wooldridge - has recently completed a ride from Colorado to Oregon

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