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Violation of Copyright

At 2,000 pages, and still growing, and after having been viewed by more three million visitors, The Long Riders' Guild is humanity's primary source of equestrian travel wisdom and history.  Safeguarded within its electronic walls is a veritable treasure-trove of mankind's equestrian-related activities.  As such, The Guild's resources, stories and images are in need of respect and protection. 

The Long Riders' Guild site ( and its associated websites (,,,,  and are commercial-free.  These academic websites encourage visitors to look, learn and share their contents.  Many scientists and students have used material from these sites, and they always have the good manners to put a link back to whichever page they have referenced.  Likewise, journalists frequently write to The Guild to ask for permission to use a quote or an image from one of the LRG sites.  It is always The Guild's policy and pleasure to assist anyone who wishes to further the goals of equestrian education.

Furthermore, the names 'The Long Riders Guild', 'CuChullaine O'Reilly' and 'Basha O'Reilly' are protected trademarks. Any unauthorised use of these trademarks is prohibited. Please report any suspicious or unauthorised use to the webmaster using the contact details on this site.

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