The Long Riders' Guild

David and Arleene Foster completed a journey from the Mexican Border to the Canadian Border along the Pacific Crest Trail!

In an email to The Guild, David and Arleen wrote, "We began planning and preparing for this trip a full year in advance.  We talked to every person that we knew or could be introduced to that had knowledge of the trail. We were provided with information on water, graze, and trail conditions. Of course, the trail changes every year and all your information could be wrong at the time of your trip.
We used three horses on our trip. Linda, a half Arab/ half Quarter horse, was our riding horse. Cozad and Junior, both Mustangs, were our pack horses. All our horses could be ridden or packed. The pack loads were kept down to 150 pounds, with 100 pounds of that grain. We chose Easyboots to protect the horses' feet, and had them shipped to our Trail Angels every 250 miles. The horses could not have made the miles without the Easyboots.
We had such great support from family, friends, and the Pacific Crest Trail Association members.  BackCountry Horsemen helped us the most, with food drops for us and the horses."

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