The Long Riders' Guild

"Bit" magazine in The Netherlands brands
Hopkins  a "first-class liar."

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Fiction or non-fiction?

Hildalgo, the American Mustang travels to Arabia with his cowboy Frank Hopkins to enter a 3000 mile race through the desert. After a breath-taking race, Hildalgo wins. 

This movie is based on a true story, or so the film company claims. But The Long Riders' Guild has grave doubts. This society of long distance riders investigated the life of Frank Hopkins and his Hidalgo and came to the conclusion that his stories were all a fake.  This “famous” race had never taken place for the simple reason it is implausible, because of the geography of the terrain and the native culture.  Hopkins certainly had a fast mustang, but he was also a first-class liar.


Translated by Peter de Plaa and adapted by Basha O'Reilly