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A Journey to Santiago de Compostelle


Jules Phillips and Lucinda Munchhausen have just set off on a journey across France and Northern Spain to Santiago de Compostella. 


July 2008:  Sadly, Jules and Lucinda have been forced to cancel their journey due to emergencies and illness - one horse went lame and another was bitten by a snake.  As Lucinda wrote to The Guild: 

"I think the hardest day for me was when Lotus was bitten by the snake: it was something I knew could happen  but didn't prepare myself for the helpless feeling whilst waiting for the vet that never turned up, I could have kissed the French vet that came to our aid - I have never been so happy to see someone.
I was very disappointed to not be able to continue but as you have probably learnt in our blogs for me my horses are very important more important than a destination and as Odi was lame the decision was made for us.  I am so proud of the horses - not once did they object to any situation, they gave their all and were far more courageous than us."


For more information about this journey, please visit their website where they have a daily blog.


For more information about the Pilgrim Route to Santiago, please click here.

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