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The Long Riders’ Guild is proud to announce that several Members of The Guild have been invited to give lectures regarding their travels and the equestrian wisdom they have learned during their journeys. 

England’s celebrated horseman, Peter Natt, is in charge of hosting a special lecture by Long Rider Gary Davies. The talk will be held at the Hertfordshire British Horse Society Annual Meeting. In addition to discussing the pressing issue of maintaining access to Britain’s ancient bridleways, the evening will include Gary’s lecture about his thousand-plus mile solo journey to all four corners of the British Isles. Admission is free and refreshments will be available.

Click on picture of Peter Natt (left) and Long Rider Gary Davies, to enlarge it.

Gary has given his talk, which was a huge success.  Click on the picture on the right to enlarge it and see Gary in the course of his presentation.

The Bridge House Riding Club in Horsham, England, has contacted The Guild to request that a Long Rider present a lecture to their organization.

Mel Archer wrote to say, “We are a small riding club but there are a number of us that have completed very small rides compared to your mammoth trips. We have completed the South Downs a couple of times for charity and a section of the Ridgeway in the UK. We had a group of riders with a variety of horse breeds and ages. The level of experience and age within our group was varied. We found we of our group bonded more with their horses and felt more confident to explore. We now have a taste for traveling with our horses.”

English Long Rider Mefo Phillips, who first rode from Canterbury to Santiago, then made a second equestrian journey from Canterbury to Rome, is making plans to speak to the Bridge House Riding Club soon. For more information about this upcoming Long Rider lecture, please contact Mel Archer.

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North American Long Rider and author, Janine Wilder, launched her new lecture, entitled “A Step Beyond Natural Horsemanship,” to a sold out audience. Along with her husband, Jim, the Long Rider couple have spent the last ten years riding tens of thousands of miles in all 48 states. Those hard-earned miles have resulted in Janine presenting a cutting-edge lecture based not upon the concept of riding in circles like goldfish swimming in a bowl, but the principle of equestrian liberty which she and Jim have put into practice.

According to one guest, Janine’s lecture overturned a great many current equestrian superstitions and resulted in the Long Rider lecturer being followed by audience members eager to learn more about her unique equestrian insights. “We were surprised to hear something we’ve never heard before,” one audience member reported.

Already the author of a best-selling book entitled, Trail Riding Janine’s lecture will now be heard in various major equestrian events scheduled around the United States. For more information, visit her website –

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