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Deputy Prime Minister of Yakutia Denis Belozerov agreed to support an extreme journey from ocean to ocean on Yakut horses.

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 Recall that the path of 15 thousand kilometers from Magadan to London on horseback on Yakut horses intends to overcome the 22-year-old English traveler Nikita Greci. A discussion of the project between interested parties and equestrian enthusiasts took place during a press conference with an extreme traveler on Tuesday in the Muus Haya restaurant.

Yegor Makarov, an entrepreneur, an active tourism propagandist and head of the Republican branch of OPORA Russia, told the audience about a brief history of meeting Nikita Greci and the idea of ​​an extreme horse riding trip.

“The Long Riders' Guild Horse Riding Club came to me. Through it, for several years in a row, travelers from New Zealand, France and other countries come to us. So I met Nikita Greci. He told me about his idea, and I asked him why he decided to go from Magadan to London? He answered me that he had calculated the history of Cossack Dmitry Peshkov, who in the 19th century rode a horse Serko from Blagoveshchensk to St. Petersburg (from the Amur to the Baltic). Then he drove in 200 days - this is a record that is still not broken. Peshkov gave his horse to the future Tsar Nicholas II. He really liked the horse, he appreciated it. As a result, she was buried in Tsarskoye Selo, ”said Yegor Makarov.

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 Nikita himself considers the journey through all of Russia and part of Europe to be a personal test of fortitude.

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 “About why I planned this trip. I believe that everyone should check themselves in life and an extreme trip is suitable for this. Why on horseback, not on foot? Those of you who ride, know that there is a connection between the horse and the rider. It is not a bicycle or a motorcycle - it has its own character. She will not obey everyone. Therefore, this test is not only physical, but also on the strength of spirit. A horse feels if a person is afraid of something, cunning or wants to do something bad. Therefore, I consider this journey as a test for myself, ”said Nikita Greci.

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Further Nikita demonstrated preliminary route options on the map. It will run from Magadan to Yakutsk, then to Baikal, Irkutsk, Altai, and from there - either to Moscow or Kazakhstan, and further to Europe. The start of the journey is scheduled for January 2021. The passage of the route can take from a year and a half or more. Then the participants in the press conference went on to discuss the project.

The horse breeder practitioner, candidate of agricultural sciences, chairman of the SPK Tonor (Oymyakonsky ulus) Nikolai Vinokurov gave his recommendations. According to him, in the group of travelers there must be a person who knows how to handle Yakut horses.

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“So you will shoe horses or not? Because horseshoes are not suitable for moving through marshland. But at the same time, if you go along the roads, then you can’t do without horseshoes - unprotected hooves will not withstand such a load. And it’s good that you don’t set a goal to set a record and pass it quickly - this is a humane attitude to horses. I believe that it will be useful for you to take a teammate from the local team who knows how to handle Yakut horses. Since they are wayward and can simply escape without proper supervision, ”said horse breeder Nikolai Vinokurov.

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The deputy chairman of the government of Yakutia, Denis Belozerov, invited to a press conference, approved the idea. He noted the need to identify specific points in which the government of the republic can assist the project.

“Of the entire length of the route - 15 thousand kilometers, the section passing through Yakutia occupies about three thousand kilometers. This is one fifth of the route. For what will happen during the passage through the republic, I have no concern. But already outside the republic, how can we help? This begs the idea of ​​creating some kind of headquarters to accompany the route, which would not only track the movement of the group, but also coordinate some related activities. The government is ready to support this initiative, even here financially. But we need a clear understanding of exactly what support is needed, ”were the words of Deputy Chairman Belozerov.

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The vice speaker of the State Assembly, Il Tumen Alexander Zhirkov, who took part in the press conference, saw in the idea a historical connection with the past of Yakutia.

“A good idea is half the battle. I liked it very much - for example, how the emphasis is placed on the journey, where the most difficult stage runs through our republic. But this is an overwhelming task. In addition, in the past, Yakut merchants traveled along the same route hundreds of times. All cargo to Kamchatka and to the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk passed through Yakutia and on Yakut horses. From the 17th century until the beginning of the 20th century, they delivered cargo to the coast, and then returned home with gifts for relatives, ”emphasized Alexander Zhirkov.

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In terms of financial investments in the project, Nikita Greci donated his personal funds. Yegor Makarov helped him. In addition, negotiations are underway with potential sponsors. And already there is a first success - a famous watch manufacturer became interested in the project. He is ready to finance an equestrian journey to promote his brand. However, in the general opinion of Nikita Gretzi and Yegor Makarov, if the project is completely left to the sponsors, then the whole PR effect will be reduced to advertising their products. But the main idea will not be fulfilled - promoting the image of Yakutia, the culture of the Sakha people and the unique Yakut horse in the world.

“If, let's say, horseback riding will be filming National Geographic, then they will be making the film the way they see it. They can generally reduce all attention only to the horse. But we want to know about our harsh land. About us, about our traditions. And our people can do this, because we have our own wonderful directors and cameramen. Through them we can tell and show ourselves to the fullest, ”Yegor Makarov expressed his opinion.


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During the discussion, the project organizers and representatives of the government and the State Assembly (Il Tumen) were invited to use horse riding as a platform for promoting Yakut souvenir products and tourist services. And also assist in organizing widespread travel coverage in federal and foreign media. Deputy Prime Minister Denis Belozerov agreed to join in the discussion of organizational issues with the involvement of branch republican ministries for entrepreneurship, tourism and external relations. And the host of the evenings, Dmitry Yadrikhinsky, summed up the meeting with the words: “This trip should eclipse the campaign of Sasha Shaman.”


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