The Long Riders' Guild

Hans Martens and Paul van Rooyen rode from the South of France to their homes in the Netherlands


Here is an interesting email received at Long Riders' Guild HQ:

Dear Long Riders' Guild

We plan to start our journey in the middle of April in the south of France and try to travel in approximately 2 months to our homes near Utrecht in Holland.  We think the journey will be about 1300 miles.

For this purpose we will be using 2 strong Criollos aged 7 (Salgado) and 13 years (Buck).

Kind regards

Hans Martens

We wish you all the best in your planning, Hans and Paul, and look forward to hearing more nearer the time!

Although we have not heard from Hans and Paul again, we believe their ride must have been completed.  We understand that they met up with fellow Dutch Long Riders Jeannette van den Eng and Margriet Dijkstra who were riding from their home in the Netherlands to Santiago de Compostella!

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