The Long Riders' Guild

Missing in Action - page 3

Russ Austin - Rode from Long Beach, California, to Boston, Massachusetts in the late 1980s.  FOUND!
Barbara Bradley Kingscote - Rode across Canada alone in the 1950s at the age of 16.  FOUND!
Erich and Kurt Mahringer -  Rode from Austria to England in chain mail in 1991.

Hawk Greenway - Rode from California to Washington in 1976.  FOUND!
Warren Potts - Rode across New Zealand in 1988.
Samuel Candia - Attempted to ride from Los Angeles, Chile to the Vatican in Italy.
Barbara Beam - Rode across New England in 1944

Suellen Finatri - Rode from Michigan to Alaska in 1995.  FOUND!
R. J. Schweiger - Rode across the USA in 1977.  FOUND!
Diana Siderides, Sally Howell and Debbie Parker - Rode from Morrisville, New York to Ventura, California in 1973.  FOUND!
Larry Stephens - Rode from Raymond, Washington to Wilmington, North Carolina in 1986.  FOUND!
David Stiglitz - Rode from Madison, Wisconsin, to Washington, DC in 2001.  FOUND!
Dan Robinette - Rode across the USA in 1992.
Paul Huggett - Rode from Savannah, Georgia to  California in 1995.
Tana and Rocky Rains - Rode from Mexico to Canada in 1994.
Tex Elcook - Rode from Ohio to Montana in 1998.
Ted Tanner - Rode from Addison, Illinois, to Washington, DC in 1999.
Tom Powell - Rode from Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, to the Grand Canyon, Arizona in 1966.
Gary Stephen rode across the USA in 1980.