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Missing Long Riders - page 5

Barbara Beam of USA Rode across New England in 1944

No photo available

Donald Stein of USA Rode from Lehighton, Pennsylvania to San Diego, California in 1974.

R.J. Schweiger of USA Rode across the USA in 1977.


Diana Siderides, Sally Howell and Debbie Parker of USA Rode from Morrisville, New York to Ventura, California in 1973.


Larry Stephens of USA


Rode from Raymond, Washington to Wilmington, North Carolina in 1986.


David Stiglitz of USA Rode from Madison, Wisconsin, to Washington, DC in 2001.


Dan Robinette of USA Rode across the USA in 1992.

Paul Huggett of USA Rode from Savannah, Georgia to  California in 1995.

Tana and Rocky Rains of USA Rode from Mexico to Canada in 1994.

Tex Elcook of USA Rode from Ohio to Montana in 1998.

Ted Tanner of USA Rode from Addison, Illinois, to Washington, DC in 1999.

Tom Powell of USA Rode from Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, to the Grand Canyon, Arizona in 1966.

No picture available

Pete and Robin Ottman Rode from Rochester, Michigan to Sturgis, South Dakota in 1976.

No photo available

John Popham of the USA Was planning to ride from San Antonio, Texas, to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1970.  No record of his completed trip exists.
No picture available James Samuel Burton of USA Rode the Trail of Tears in the USA.



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