The Long Riders' Guild

Ride Begins to 48 American States

In 1912, four men embarked on a 20,000 mile cross-country through the United States. That group, known as the Overland Westerners, spent three years riding to 48 state capitals. Frank Heath was the next person to attempt this difficult journey. Departing in 1925, his 11,000 mile route took him to each of the continental states.

Meredith Cherry (right) is the first woman to attempt to ride the challenging 48 state route.

Starting in California, Meredith’s projected three year journey is designed to raise awareness about domestic violence.  On her website, Meredith explains, “This silent epidemic is extremely prevalent in our society. Although it is not often talked about, it is estimated that 1 in 3 women will be domestic violence victims at some point in their lives.”

Long Riders and their road horses share a tremendous emotional bond. Our horses give us love, provide their labour, and sometimes save our lives. To symbolize the duality of horse and human, Meredith has chosen to call her journey the Centauride and to use an image of a female centaur to promote the idea that humanity has matured and that this new symbol of hope can guide us into the future.



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