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Around the World in a Horse-Drawn Wagon


David Grant had a dream – to travel around the entire globe in a horse-drawn wagon. He set off in 1990 and, after overcoming an unbelievable number of difficulties, David completed the incredible journey in 1997.


After the journey was completed, David wrote a book about the journey entitled “The Seven Year Hitch (above left). Because of his expertise on the subject, the Long Riders’ Guild asked David to write The Wagon Travel Handbook, which was published in 2006.


Circling the planet with a horse and wagon may seem impossible in this day and age. What makes Grant’s adventure even more astonishing is that he took his three small children with him. Torcuil was nine and daughter Eilidh was eight. The youngest son, Fionn Grant, was only six when the Grant family set off from Vierhouten, Holland.


What befell the family, how they struggled over mountains, overcame bureaucratic entanglements, survived the death of their horse, and suffered emotional loss as a result of the pressures demanded by the journey, has been described in an intense and personal article written by Fionn Grant.


There are many so-called “records” in this age obsessed with being “first.” And there are hordes of people on Facebook who claim to be “special.”


But David Grant – and his children – are a breed apart!


They were not only the first. They were the only family known to have traversed the planet with a horse and wagon.


David Grant is a skilled writer. The publication of Fionn’s article proves that this rare  talent runs in the family.


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