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Long Rider Safety in the 21st Century

In 2013 the worst accident in the history of modern equestrian travel took the life of a female Long Rider, left her companion seriously wounded and gravely injured their horses. English Long Rider Christine Henchie, 29, was killed instantly by an out-of-control bus in Tanzania. Her fiancé, South African Long Rider Billy Brenchley, 43, escaped death by inches but suffered a broken leg.

When informed of Christy’s death, New Zealand Long Rider Ian Robinson shared this thought.

“I think what is going through the mind of every Long Rider who hears this news is the same for all of us ‘That could have been me.’ We have all had at least one brush along the road with reckless, careless or downright insane drivers.”

What is under discussion is not an avoidable danger, like jungles or mountains. Nor will it take you by surprise, such as an attack by animals or bandits. Traffic, in one form or another, tests every Long Rider.

That is why Meredith Cherry (right) devoted so much time and effort to locate and obtain a set of equipment which would dramatically improve the margin of safety for her and her horse, Apollo.

Meredith is the first woman to attempt to ride to the 48 states in the continental USA. She spent two years carefully preparing her route and studying equestrian travel history. In addition she sought advice from Long Rider Lisa Stewart, who has made two journeys in the USA.

The result of Meredith’s research is a set of equipment that makes the Long Rider and Road Horse highly visible to drivers. In a special Story from the Road, Meredith provides photographs which show the equipment that is keeping her and Apollo safe during their 10,000 mile journey.



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