The Long Riders' Guild

The Big Fellow from Down Under has ridden on

Even though millions of people worldwide own horses, Colin represents that tiny handful of horse humans known as Long Riders who set off on a life changing equestrian journey. Colin inspired us to find our own courage. He rode thousands of miles to prove that dreams can be fulfilled.


Adios, Long Rider


I sat beside you at the campfire,

far on our travels,

as the night time unravelled,

with the sky burning orange and red.


As you slept, wrapped in memories,

I wondered if you missed the fields and the rolling hills,

and the journeys you left behind on that summerís day.


I held your hand in mine,

holding back the tears,

afraid to believe,

that the dreams you had taught me,

were all dead.


Looking down,

I could see the traces of all your adventures,

engraved upon your gnarled palm.


Here was the hand that held the reins,

that rode the horse,

that crossed the miles to a distant sea.


And now I sat beside your bedroll,

And watched the evening of your life coming to an end,


You broke camp before dawn,

left while I slept,

gone to chase a prize that you could never find.


My hand still held yours,

but your footsteps,

were far, far away.


Thatís when I discovered,

what you had left me.


Beside your memory,

were the things that took up no space in my saddlebag,

your friendship and affection,

and the courage to ride the road to adventure.


I stood to leave,

one last time,

and forever,

reluctant to let go of the hand,

and the memory.

of a life that could not be described in a paragraph or on a page.


Thatís when I saw you smiling at me,

from the other side of the extinguished campfire of your life.


You stood there young again,

a weathered wanderer in a battered hat,

and whispered the last loving words that you said.


ďI never saw myself as a hero,Ē you told me softly.

No, you didnít, but we all did.


CuChullaine OíReilly
Founder Ė The Long Ridersí Guild






















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