The Long Riders' Guild

Long Riders Protect Endangered European Equestrian Heritage

In 2012 the Long Riders’ Guild joined forces with the German based VFD to encourage travelling with horses throughout Europe. The historic “Charter of Rights” created by the two organisations demonstrated how horse-humans from various parts of Europe had transcended the narrow definitions of "nationalism" and had joined forces to protect mankind's precious equestrian heritage.

Unfortunately in the years that followed the freedom to travel by horse in Europe has come under serious threat and equestrian travellers have encountered growing hostility. Lithuanian Long Rider Vaidotas Digaitis’ journey to Japan was halted in Russia. Czech Long Rider Dalibor Balut was threatened with arrest in Poland. Dutch Long Rider Michel Jacobs encountered serious difficulties at several European borders.

In an effort to diminish governmental opposition, two experienced equestrian travellers have announced plans to undertake a journey designed to encourage Europeans to protect their endangered equestrian heritage.

Swiss Long Rider Peter van der Gugten and German Long Rider David Wewetzer are planning to ride 3,000 kilometres (1,800 miles) from Athens, Greece to Kassel, Germany.

Despite the fact that more than 10,000 people signed the Charter to encourage equestrian travel in Europe, David Wewetzer explained, “Sadly we are far away from the ideals of free travelling with horses which we have discussed, when we worked together on the Rekener Charta back in 2012.”

The Athens-Kessel Trail Ride encourages Europeans to preserve their equestrian liberty.

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