The Long Riders' Guild

Journey across America Honours Long Rider Heroes

For more than a century they were known as the “Forgotten Heroes” of the Long Riders’ Guild. In 1912, four men known as the Overland Westerners, embarked on a 20,000 mile cross-country journey through the United States. After spending three years riding to 48 state capitals, George and Charles Beck, Jay Ransom and Raymond Rayne didn’t find the fame they sought. Instead they faded into obscurity.

Though two other men completed similar journeys in the USA, Meredith Cherry is the first woman to attempt to ride the challenging 48 state route. Having departed from California in January, she crossed Oregon and made her way to Shelton, Washington, the small town where the Overland Westerners began their journey.

Later she visited the nearby Bainbridge Island Historical Museum, which has a special exhibit, including life size photos of the Overland Westerners (top). There Meredith was filmed and interviewed about her journey.

Even though 105 years had passed since the Overland Westerners departed, Meredith is the first Long Rider to honour their memory by riding her horse to their hometowns. She is indicative of a new generation of educated and ethical Long Riders. Instead of showing off, they are sharing.

Meredith and her Palomino gelding, Apollo, have continued their journey. In July they crossed into Nevada (bottom), the fourth state on their journey.






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