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How to Ride in Central Mongolia


A new series of articles will provide important information on how to make equestrian journeys in different countries.  This new “How to Ride….” series was created with the help of Dutch Long Rider Simone Johanna Aleida.


She wrote, “The knowledge of the Long Riders Guild has been very essential while I prepared my horseback journey to Mongolia. I always felt very supported by CuChullaine O’Reilly, and could turn to him with all my questions and concerns.


CuChullaine brought me in contact with many people who already had extensive riding experience in Mongolia, and this was extremely valuable! Before setting off in the Netherlands I was able to establish the right connections.  Even during my journey I had help and advice from Long Riders in crucial moments and various different difficult situations. I feel very grateful for the existence of the Long Riders Guild, and hope to give meaningful advice to new riders in the future.”


Simone Johanna followed through on her promise to help educate other Long Riders. In response to a request from the Guild, she wrote the first in a new series of articles which will provide accurate advice about making an equestrian journey in a specific country.


Simone Johanna’s article entitled, How to Ride in Central Mongolia, contains valuable information for any would-be Long Rider.

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