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Planned Expeditions


Ian Robinson, (above) who has already made solo journeys across Mongolia, Tibet and Afghanistan, is now preparing to undertake a journey through Siberia.

Czech Long Rider Dalibor Balut is preparing to make his second equestrian journey. This ride will take him from the Czech Republic across Poland, along Germany’s border, to the Baltic Sea. He will then return to the Czech Republic.


Samantha Szesciorka is preparing to set off in the summer of 2016 on the Nevada Discovery Ride. This 1,200 mile journey will be done entirely within the rugged mountains and desert country of Nevada. Samantha is undertaking the challenging ride so as to continue to promote wild horse adoption.


Louise McNutt is planning to use Kaimanawa Horses in her journey along the length of New Zealand.


Trent Peterson and Mariah Kuelor will be setting out to ride the length of the Pacific Crest Trail. .


Meredith Cherry is making careful plans to undertake a journey to the 48 American states in the continental USA. Her plans include making a special visit to Shelton, Washington, the departure point of the Overland Westerners. They were the first Long Riders to journey to all 48 states.


Members of the Winnemem Wintu tribe plan to ride along the Sacramento River from the Delta to the Shasta Dam as a protest against government policies.


Aniela Gottwald will be embarking on a ride up the Pacific Crest Trail, (starting on the U.S. Mexican border) all the way into North Western British Columbia ending at The Sacred Headwaters. The journey is aimed to inspire awareness about the tsunami of industrial development hitting North Western B.C, in the form of dozens of proposed mining projects that will alter and threaten the wilderness. The Sacred Headwaters is an area of remarkable untouched wilderness and home of three great rivers known as the Skeena, the Stikine and the Nass. It is home to the largest populations of stone sheep, caribou, grizzly bears, and wolves. It is a sanctuary and also home to the Tahltan people, who have stood up for generations protecting their land from development which would continue to threaten the overall health of the planet.


Simone Aleida is making plans to ride from Terelj to Khovsgol Lake, via the Amarbayasgalant Monastery, in Mongolia.


Valerie Ashker is preparing to ride ‘ocean to ocean’ across the USA.


Shawn Mory McMillion is making plans to ride along the Pacific Crest Trail.


Teresa Bryant is planning to ride from Portugal to Hungary.


Randal Foster is planning to rider from Denmark to Spain.


Christina Puszkar is planning to make the first ride along the new Great Patagonian


Donald Selleck is planning to ride from Wisconsin to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota.


Carolien Staal is planning to ride from the Netherlands to Finland.


Paulo Junqueira Arantes, Jose Henrique Castejon and Sergio Lima Beck are preparing to depart on an 1,100 mile ride along Brazil’s traditional Estada Real trail.

Josephine Baker is planning to ride along the western coast of Ireland.

In 2007 French Long Rider Nicolas Ducret completed a challenging solo journey from Kazakhstan to Afghanistan. He is now preparing to undertake an equestrian exploration of the Caucasus Mountains. Though this region is home to a unique and ancient equestrian culture, no Long Rider has travelled there since Negley Farson undertook the last mounted expedition in 1929.

Kaitlin Wallace is planning to ride the old Route 66 from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California.

James Masters is planning a journey in the Australian Outback.


In 1969 Barry Murray, his wife and three young children set off on a journey that was to become a Long Rider legend. They were the first family to ride the length of the Pacific Crest Trail, a gruelling 4,286 kilometres (2,663 miles) long route that leads from Mexico to Canada. Bernadette Murray, who was ten years old when the journey began, has announced plans to re-ride the PCT to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the family adventure. The “Story from the Road” entitled “Growing Up on the Pacific Crest Trail” recounts how Bernadette and her family made their original ride.

Stefanie Kilts is researching routes in the United States and Canada for a trip in the next year. She is considering riding with a companion.

Rani Sanderson is planning to ride from Littleton, Colorado to Aiken, South Carolina. She is considering riding with a companion.

Tao Munoz is preparing to make the first modern ride across his country of Uruguay.

Sebastian Fall is making careful plans to undertake a 4000 kilometre ride from Darwin to Perth in Western Australia.

Derek Gargan is planning a extensive journey through Spain which will require him to follow old trade and pilgrim routes to the four corners of the country. It will be a route that follows some old trade trails and pilgrim paths, with the intention of going to the 4 corners of the peninsula, starting at the southerly town of Tarifa crossing the Sierra Nevada to Almeria then north to Barcelona and the French border and across to the Atlantic coast returning to southern Spain via the Portuguese border. A distance of approximately 3500kms.


Isabelle Bordet is a French equestrian veterinarian who has already completed a 1,000 kilometre (600 miles) ride across Patagonia. She is seeking a companion to share her next adventure in 2016. Isabelle wrote to say, "I'm interested in the entire world where a horse could travel." If you would like to discuss joining Isabelle on her next equestrian journey, contact the Guild.


Marcelo Decoud is researching a journey from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Amarillo, Texas.


David Nahachewsky and his daughters, Stacia and Teresa, are planning to ride across Canada


Jodi Maguda is planning a ride from Edmonton along the Trans-Canadian National Trail to Nipigon, Ontario.


Alex Mitchell is preparing to make a ride along the length of the Tasmanian Trail.


Spencer Eugin-Moore will be riding “ocean to ocean” across the United States in 2014 so as to raise awareness of Crohn's Disease.


Robert Hayden is making careful plans to undertake an extensive journey in Mongolia.


Hedwig Emmerig became a Member of the Guild after she completed a ride from the foothills of the Pyrenees to Bavaria. She is now seeking companions to accompany her on a different type of equestrian adventure. "Ever since I rode my horse from the Pyrenees to Bavaria ten years ago, I've dreamed of another horse journey. In 2011 my son was born and I feel that he is now strong and grown up enough to make plans for a long journey starting in 2014. This is why I am writing to the Long Riders' Guild. Do you know of any people who have travelled with horses and small children aged 3 or less for several weeks or months? No matter whether the horses were used for packing, riding or to draw a wagon. I am also looking for people (preferably with equally aged children) who would like to explore Germany/Europe by such way, i.e. very slowly and with a sense for the beauty of the moment in order to accommodate the trip to the needs of the child/children." For more information contact the Guild


Jolin Währn from Finland is interested in joining an equestrian expedition with an experienced Long Rider. The agronomy student is currently studying in Sweden. She speaks Spanish, English, Swedish and Finnish. She has been riding since the age of 11 and participates in Viking historical activities. For more details contact the Guild.


Fritz Gangkofner, who has already made several journeys in Europe, is making plans to ride the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. He wrote to the Guild to say, "I am making plans to ride the PCT in 2014. It is extremely difficult to organize all things from Germany. Therefore I am looking for an experienced American companion who wants to go with me." For more information, contact Fritz direct at -


Gus Pannell is planning to resume his ride from Arkansas to California.


Don Funke is planning a horseback trip from Bozeman Montana to Santa Fe New Mexico that will highlight the connection between faith and climate change.


Candis McKinney is researching a ride from Tennessee to Texas.


Holly Merriman will be riding from Edmore, Michigan to Park City, Utah.


Robynne Catheron is researching a ride along the eastern leg of the American Discovery Trail from Ohio to Delaware.


Brett Hellerman is planning to ride from Connecticut to Quebec.


Jonathan Curtis is making preparations to ride from Tennessee to Montana.


Randy Saffell is making preparations for a ride from Mexico to Canada.


Britney Boyer is researching a ride through the western states of the US (New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho area).


Joy Burton plans to ride part of the Bicentennial National Trail in Australia, around 800km, in 2014.


Bart Gommers has begun plans to make a journey in South America.


Alexandra Cadet is researching a journey in the western portion of the United States.


Kassidy and Kivi Rain are laying plans to ride from their home in South Dakota to New Mexico.


Chris Kaiser, who is currently on a 450 kilometre ride in his native Switzerland, is planning a 1,000 mile ride through Europe.


Oskar Olin and Seamus Gaffney are making plans to ride from Spain to Sweden.


Jean Watson is planning a ride in New Zealand.


Theus Badenhorst is Is preparing to make a journey through his native South Africa to draw attention to the desperate need for further research into the deadly African Horse Sickness.


Roland Berg, who has already made Long Rides in Europe, is now preparing for an equestrian journey through South America.  He plans to spend about a year crossing Argentina, buying horses in Patagonia and roughly following the line of the Andes north.  He is looking for a companion to join him on the way for at least six months. 


Siri Anderson is preparing to ride the length of her homeland of Norway.


Serena Urquhart will be riding across Wales and England


Nirwan Ahmad Arsuka is planning the first modern journey through Indonesia.  "The journey is to cover about 1200 miles across Java and Bali, starting from Jakarta. I am still doing research about the details of my route and itinerary, along with searching for my new riding horse. I also plan to use a pack horse. In fact, I have purchased a pair of adjustable pack saddle made by Custom Pack Rigging following your suggestion and some other Long Riders".


Bellis Clausen is planning to ride from Denmark to Austria.


Henri Ferrero is investigating riding in Kazakhstan and Siberia


Holly Merriman is planning to ride from Michigan to Utah.


Heather Mayer - "I am planning a trip across the United States, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, all on horseback.  The purpose of the trip is to raise money for a non-profit that helps rehabilitate injured American soldiers using rescued horses."


Marcie DuFault is also planning an ocean to ocean journey across the United States.


Michel Jacobs and Dominique van Eick are planning to ride from the Netherlands to Kyrgyzstan. Both of these Long Riders have completed previous journeys, with Michel riding from Amsterdam to St. Petersburg, and Dominique riding across Europe.


Alex Jacobson is planning an ambitious project which would see him riding in three different equestrian cultures, namely Mongolia, Australia and Central Asia. “The basis of the journey is to undertake a three pronged exploration of horse culture through photo-documentation.  Alex is hoping to fund the journey through a grant from the Watson Foundation.


Josie Stewart has begun plans to begin a 3,000 mile ride from Canterbury to Jerusalem. Her proposed route will take her though England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Israel. Josie is considering riding with a companion. For more details, contact the Guild.


Avadh Mathrani is preparing to undertake the most important equestrian journey in modern Indian history, a 3,800 kilometre ride from India's northernmost spot in Jammu-Kashmir to the country's southern-most tip at Kanyakumari.


Ulas Atay is researching a ride across his native Turkey.


Amber Gregory & Doug Meikle are planning a journey round Kyrgyzstan.


Ronja Zahradniková and Dennis Kienzler are planning to ride from Germany to Mongolia.


Michele Flori’s plan to ride across Japan was halted when she was unable to obtain the long term visa she deemed necessary to make this historic journey.


After completing her first ride across Denmark, Mathilde Landt is now planning to ride from Denmark to Germany.


Justine and Yann are planning a ride from Britanny to the Alps.


The Light Cavalry Association, a group of military mounted enthusiasts, will be recreating the ride of the British Army on its retreat from Belgium to the river Marne in France in 1914.


Amberly Rowles and Emma McCombe are planning a journey around France, Spain and Portugal. 


Torsten Wilhelm would like to ride from Gothenburg in Sweden to Trondheim in Norway.  It is a traditional pilgrimage route, he told The Guild.  He is looking for somebody to go with him:  if you are interested, please email the LRG.


Jaco Pretorius is planning to ride from his native South Africa, up through Botswana and down through Namibia to a place called Swakopmund.


Sarah Parry and Brent West are preparing to ride from Cape Reinga (the most northerly point of New Zealand) to Bluff (the most Southerly point of New Zealand).


Maria Friis Jensen is planning a ride in Patagonia.


Marina Moro and Carolina Vadell are planning a journey along the Chubut River in Patagonia.


Rebecca Muscant is investigating the idea of riding solo from Alaska to Patagonia.


To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Historical Long Rider, George Beck, Jennifer McMann has begun research into a 20,000 mile journey to all 48 US state capitals. Her goal would be to follow the route taken by Beck and his comrades, the famed Overland Westerners.


Philip Northcutt is planning to ride “ocean to ocean” across the United States, in order to raise awareness of veteran’s issues.


Rebecca Alan is laying plans to ride from Rhode Island to California.


Danielle Yvette Demers is beginning to lay plans for a non-stop journey along the length of the difficult Pacific Crest Trail which runs from Mexico to Canada.


Hans Hlawaty is planning a journey the length of the Pacific Crest Trail.


Willy Briere is preparing to make a 1,200 mile ride from Arizona, thru Utah, and on to northern Nevada. Because Willy is deaf, he will be the second equestrian traveller to use American Sign Language during his journey.


Kim Nenninger is planning to ride from Toledo, Ohio to Patagonia, Arizona.


Dorian Bannier is interested in making a ride across the United States, travelling from the North West to the South East.


J.P. Gergaud is anxious to re-ride the route taken by Lewis and Clark across the United States.


Philip Bullard and Frank Silva will be riding the length of the Chisholm Trail, from Fort Worth Texas to Abilene, Kansas, in order to raise funds for the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.


Austin Snyder is planning to ride from Louisville, Kentucky to Lewiston, Idaho.


Guy Wood is planning to ride from Georgia to Montana, and is making meticulous preparations.


Chantal Spleiss is planning to ride across Canada within the next few years, with her two horses and a dog. 


Becky Bates is planning a ride in Western Canada.


Jeff Lewis is planning to ride across Canada.


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