The Long Riders' Guild

Across the American West

Bernice Ende has made eight equestrian journeys in North America and ridden more than 32,000 kilometres (20,000 miles).

Her first trip was done in 2005, when she rode 3,200 kilometres (2,000 miles) from Montana to New Mexico.

She wrote, “The reasons for swinging into the saddle in 2005 for my first ride seem vague now. It seems impossible that I even made it!  I simply did not know what I was getting myself into; I rode on a wave of ignorance. I cried the day I left and cried for weeks until fatigue finally broke the fear into tiny digestible pieces. I eventually found a life that tantalized and called to me, a life that suited me, I remember thinking how will I ever return to a normal life? – Well I guess I never did.”

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