The Long Riders' Guild

From Patagonia to Alaska

In 2013 GŁnter Wamser completed his historic trans-continental journey across South, Central and North America. Having set off from Patagonia nearly twenty years before, the German Long Rider and Founding Member of the Guild survived countless challenges riding 25,000 kilometres (15,535 miles).

The journey began at Rio Grande, Argentina in 1994.

The first portion of the trip was done using two Criollo geldings, Gaucho and Rebelde.

Having reached the Texas border, American authorities refused to allow the Criollo horses entry because they were found to be infected with piroplasmosis.

After GŁnter found his Criollo horses a good home in Mexico, the Guild helped him locate BLM American mustangs to continue the trip. These four horses, named Rusty, Dino, Lightfoot and Azabache, had been trained in Colorado by prisoners in a special training programme.

The mustangs then carried the German Long Rider through the United States and Canada.

The journey, which took GŁnter through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, United Stated and Canada, was concluded at Denali, Alaska.

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