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British Long Rider Stephen McCutcheon is attempting an historic equestrian journey, a 10,000 kilometre ride from Delhi, India, to Beijing, China!  No one has undertaken a journey in this area and of this magnitude since 1905, when the English Long Rider, Major Clarence Dalrymple Bruce, rode from Srinagar, Kashmir, to Peking, a trip of shorter duration.  Modern-day equestrian explorer McCutcheon is now trying to make equestrian travel history by blazing a new path from the heart of the Indian sub-continent to the capital of the Chinese people.  McCutcheon is already the first person since the Partition of 1947 to have ridden across India and Pakistan together.  Having now reached the western deserts of China, the intrepid British Long Rider was attempting to ride through the notorious Pamir mountains when he was nearly killed in a brawling mountain torrent.  Having barely survived that danger, McCutcheon's expedition has been stopped, he has been arrested because of a lack of proper paperwork, and this magnificent journey is now in jeopardy. Click on picture to read Stephen's hair-raising account.
Click on picture to read an extract from "The Land of the Blessed Virgin - Impressions of Andalusia" in which Somerset Maugham recounted his ride from Sevilla to Carmona and back. This accurate account captured the look and feel of a country before the onset of a deadly civil war and industrialization changed it forever.
Vyv Wood-Gee and her daughter, Elsa, rode the full length of Britain, from John O'Groats to Lands End.  To read Vyv's story, please click on picture.

In May 2007 Nicholas Ducret left for the trails of Central Asia, intending to cross Central Asia from Kazakhstan to Afghanistan.  After five months travelling, he reached Kabul at the end of the month of October.  Click on picture to read his story.
Click on picture to read the memories of someone who met Long Rider Messanie Wilkins as she rode from Maine to California in the 1950s. 

Click on picture to read 11-year-old Bronte Broome's story of her family's ride along the Tasmanian Trail.
dunham2.jpg (30436 bytes) Click on photograph to read about Roger Dunnam's narrow escape from death on the trail.

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Click on picture to discover how Ana Beker, South America's most famous female Long Rider, rode from Argentina to Canada.

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Click on photograph to read Evelyn Coquet's heart-rending story about her horse's mysterious sickness during her astonishing ride from Paris to Jerusalem. 

Click on picture to read Kate Marsden's account of the horrors of travelling in Siberia in the 1890s.

Penny Turner has sent us a lovely description of her recent Long Ride in Greece with her trusty horse George.  Click on photograph to read about her experiences, and some words of wisdom for anyone thinking of following in her hoofprints.
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