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Information about Guenter and Barbara's horses

Name Gaucho
Age about 16 years
Origin Patagonia, Argentina
Breed Argentinean Criollo
Owned by GŁnter
with us since February 1994.  Right now he has laminitis, a hoof disease, and waits for his cure at the ranch of Barbara and Uwe in Costa Rica;  will be with us again when healthy.
Properties "The Boss"; easy with his food, strong horse; good leading horse, is not afraid of much, and the other horses trust and follow him; reliable, easy to ride, also with a halter; sometimes not easy to catch; likes to chase the other horses away from the food if not in abundance
Name Rebelde
Age about 17 years
Origin Patagonia, Argentina
Breed Argentinean Criollo
Owned by GŁnter
with us since February 1994
Properties "The Professor"; doesn't need much concentrate, strong, gets well along with other horses, quiet temperament; doesn't bolt; stays with the other horses; can be ridden with a halter; reliable horse;  he sometimes has a somewhat dreamy nature, is the last one to figure out that everybody has left; still a little bit jumpy at times; when he was younger he caused a lot of problems to Günter, he frequently fell off him because of a loose rope or rattling gear in the pack
Name Maxl
Age about 5 years
Origin Costa Rica
Breed Quarter horse with Criollo
Owned by Günter
with us since January 2003
Properties "The New One"; comes from a tropical region, therefore well adapted to the hot and dry climate here; very strong, sure-footed on difficult trails, self confident, tame and friendly; not nervous when confronted with new stuff, reliable on roads with heavy traffic, especially considering his age and inexperience in most things; there is still a lot he doesn't know, has to be trained; "discusses" a lot with Pumuckl about the first position in the group
Name Samurai
Age about 14 years
Origin Chunchi, Highlands of Ecuador
Breed Ecuadorian Criollo
Owned by Barbara
with us since September 2001
Properties "The Tough One"; originates from a cool region, has problems with the heat and the insects here, like Rebelde; beautiful soft paces, goes forward very well; hard, fast growing hooves; seems skinny, doesn't put on weight easily; but has a lot of energy, likes to go; as a pack horse he stays with the others without us having to lead him; is good in calculating his width with the pack, never bumps into anything; sometimes he is a little bit stubborn
Name Pumuckl
Age about 7 years
Origin Panama
Breed Panamanian Criollo
owned by Barbara
with us since February 2002
Properties "El Panamenio"; our smallest horse; we got him as a very thin horse, as a gift; now he is a good, strong horse; originates from the tropics, is therefore well adapted to heat and insects here; has the paso pace; soft to sit on; good to ride in all situations; does well on steep and stony trails; very hard hooves; trots along solo, without being led, as a pack horse, without leaving the group (although, he stays behind a lot, slurping some juicy fruits on the way, then he comes at a gallop the whole way); behaves a little bit as if he was still a stallion (Günter always says "Our would-be pony stallion"), he is always most interested in other horses

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