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GŁnter Wamser's Epic Ride from the tip of South America to the top of Alaska!

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Equestrian Explorers, GŁnter and Barbara, have left their home in Germany to follow a dream - to ride across the Three Americas!

German equestrian explorer, GŁnter Wamser, rode alone from Tierra del Fuego to Ecuador.  After a brief sabbatical in his homeland, GŁnter returned to South America with his partner, Barbara Kohmanns, and they have been riding together for four years.

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May 2005 

GŁnter and Barbara have got as far as the Mexico-Texas border!  They have returned to Germany for the time being, and will be giving slide-shows in the German-speaking world for a few months.  Barbara will be staying in Europe when GŁnter goes back to the United States to resume his journey.

In an email to The Guild, Barbara wrote:

"Ok. we are back home now. This journey has come to an end in the northern part of Mexico, since we were not allowed to cross into the USA with our horses.
I gave my horses, Samurai and Pumuckl, to Andres, a rancher in Nuevas Casas Grandes, in the state of Chihuahua. They live on a 10.000 hectare ranch there, together with 20 other horses. GŁnter's 3 horses Gaucho, Rebelde and Maxl are also there, but he is still planning on bringing them home to Germany some day.
GŁnter still wants to go on from the south part of the U.S. to Alaska, but not with his old horses: Gaucho and Rebelde are about 20 years old now. He plans on buying new horses, probably Mustangs from the Wild Mustangs and Burros project, to continue through the US and through Canada up to Alaska."

Here are some beautiful photographs from GŁnter and Barbara's journey:

(All photographs © GŁnter Wamser)

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April 2008

GŁnter is back in the United States with his friend Sonja Endlweber.  They have obtained four Mustangs from the Wild Horses and Burros Project and they are riding north up the Continental Divide Trail.  Barbara hopes to join them for a few weeks during the summer.

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July 2008

GŁnter and Sonja have met up with Long Rider Silke Schneider!  Click on picture of the three explorers and their four-footed friends on the Continental Divide Trail in Silver City, Little Walnut, New Mexico to enlarge it.  The photograph was taken by the chairman of the Backcountry Horsemen Association, Gila Chapter, Gerry Thompson in May, 2008.

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