The Long Riders' Guild

Wild West Magazine Editor

denounces Hopkins as an "unabashed fraud."

"What do Big Foot, Black Elk, James Forsyth, Philip Wells, Frank Hopkins and yours truly have in common? ...  We all were at Wounded Knee, or at least claimed to be," writes Gregory Lalire, the editor of Wild West Magazine.

"The most unreliable 'eyewitness' account comes from Frank Hopkins.... The unabashed fraud, whose 'lifted' take on Wounded Knee was re-created in the recent Disney movie Hidalgo, wrote, '...  My own horse, Fiddler, was shot that day;  he was one of the best endurance horses I think any one could find.'  But obviously not as good as Hopkins' horse Hidalgo, who went on to imaginary fame and fortune in a 3,000-mile fantasy race in Arabia.  A moment of silence now for poor Fiddler, yet another casualty of Wounded Knee."