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The Hopkins Hoax

Dale Yeager, the criminal psychologist who worked on the Jon Bennet Ramsay case, has sent us a psychological profile of Frank Hopkins.  His conclusion is that Hopkins was "a narcissist with sociopathic tendencies"!  Below is his complete report.


A Brief Psychological Profile of Frank Hopkins




The following profile was created based on information provided by various individuals involved in this controversy. The sources used include research on Hopkinsí life and letters from his wife.




Based on the articles, letters and research performed by various academics Frank Hopkins had more than likely created a fictitious past. While many people in American society tell social lies or embellish resumes, Hopkins took this relatively normal behavior to a new level.


Based on research that disproves many of the key elements of his history I have determined Mr. Hopkins to be a narcissist with sociopathic tendencies.


To understand this analysis it is important to understand the basics of criminal psychology.


All people exhibit certain basic behaviors as part of their human nature. Selfishness, fear and control comprise the basic elements of our behavioral nature. Each of the three elements has a positive and negative side.


  1. Self: Proper selfishness would be self preservation or self defense. Improper selfishness exhibits itself by narcissistic behavior.

  2. Fear: Proper fear keeps us from hurting ourselves with dangerous activities. Improper fear would be paranoia.

  3. Control: Proper control would be keeping our personal lives in order i.e., bathing, paying bills, etc. Improper control would be manipulation of others.


When a personís life is calm the positive side of these three elements is exhibited especially with their inner circle [children, spouses and family]. When a person experiences stress or trauma the negative side becomes more pronounced. These reactions - in emotionally stable people - are a natural reaction based primarily on biology.

However in emotionally unstable people these reactions are a routine part of their everyday lives.


To clarify, being emotionally unstable does not mean that a person is mentally ill. Emotionally unstable individuals have personality disorders acquired in childhood by modeling behavior from aggressive/dysfunctional parents or the effects of childhood trauma. The two basic categories of violent/aggressive behavior personality types are sociopaths and psychopaths. A sociopath is a violent leader type or instigator a psychopath is a violent loner type. If a person has not exhibited violent behavior then we use the terms sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies to describe their behavior.


Hopkins Detail:


Frank Hopkins profiles as a narcissist with sociopathic tendencies. Narcissists generally see themselves as special, uniquely talented individuals compared to other people in society. They also have a well developed skill for deception.



Many people have heard the term pathological liar. This is actually not a condition but a behavior that is part of a larger personality problem. My opinion is that Hopkins had serious childhood trauma and in his formative years he began to lie to create a happier life for himself. However by his teens he had changed the focus of his lies towards others to manipulate them.



Hopkins seems to have an underlying anger about his life and this would also be a contributing factor in his lies.



If the reports of his personal life are to be believed he had many children. While this is not uncommon for the time period it could point to possible sexual aggression. It is clear to me that Hopkins had a co-dependent relationship with his wife. Her willingness to continue his lies after his death and to create new lies shows his manipulation of her.



Lastly, it is interesting that Hopkins stories eliminate important details related to dates but add excessive details in other parts of his tomes. The use of excessive details in minor parts of a conversation or story points to deception.



Dale Yeager



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