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We set out together on a sacred adventure, entrusting our souls to our horses' care. The sound of their hoof-beats was our anthem. The song of romance was the chorus we sang with them. Ours was a secret melody composed of lean times and hard miles . Eventually they brought us to the edge of existence - to a sacred place called Elsewhere. Some of us lived to return. Some of them died to get us where we are today.   

This is the Long Riders' tribute to those horses who died on our behalf.

Audin - died in Turkey from colic.

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Bilugubi - drowned during an expedition around Lake Baikal.

Blackie - died on the last day of a journey along the Continental Divide.

Blue - died from strangles during a journey in Colorado in 1999. 

Contramano – died after eating Mal del Huecú, a poisonous plant that grows in Patagonia.

Fenix - passed away from a liver ailment in Ecuador.

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Freddy - died in Guatemala from colic.

Highlight was shot and killed by poachers in Malawi.

Honor - broke her leg and shoulder in a corral in Texas and had to be put down.

Indio - died of colic in Nicaragua.

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Lady - fell from a cliff in Utah.

Morro - died in Bolivia from an injection of out-dated medication.

Mystery - succumbed to the bite of a poisonous viper in Turkey.

La Negra was lost due to harsh weather while travelling through Patagonia.

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Pampero, Maracas, India & Caicique - died at the border between Mexico and Texas.

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Pukhtoon - lost  his life in Kafiristan after receiving an injection of medicine that had turned toxic.

Rahaal - died of equine piroplasmosis, also known as biliary fever, in Khartoum, Sudan in 2007.

Raindrop - broke his leg in the Karakorum Mountains of Northern Pakistan.

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Sam Bass - died of laminitis in Wyoming.

Sapito – lost his life in Tierra del Fuego after being accidentally poisoned.

Streak - was killed by a truck in Tennessee.

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Three Socks - died of colic in Kyrgyzstan. 

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Toroka - was slain by Turkana tribesmen in Africa.

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Tupe - plunged over a precipice in Bolivia.

Tu Fein - was diagnosed with pyroplasmosis by a vet in Guatemala.  Although pyroplasmosis is not a lethal disease, the vet mistakenly informed the owner that the horse had to be destroyed immediately.

Tusa - was destroyed in Brazil because he was diagnosed with Equine Infectious Anemia.

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Ulaan and the Beast - were killed by a swarm of thousands of carnivorous flies in Mongolia.


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Valerosa - died in California after drinking river water contaminated by e-coli bacteria from human waste.

  And finally, not just our beloved horses but also our devoted dogs.

Claire – travelled more than 17,000 miles across the United States and Canada, finally succumbing to old age after spending more than a decade on equestrian journeys.

Keeter - was killed by a car during a journey from Michigan to Alaska.

Liesl - died in Central America of a viper-bite. 

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