The Long Riders' Guild

How to Join the Long Riders’ Guild

Long Riders from five countries gather in Switzerland at the 2013 Tschiffely Trail Ride


The Long Riders’ Guild is an international fraternity of mounted men and women which is open to all.


While the Guild's equestrian research and publishing efforts are of tremendous importance, it is always a great delight to be able to welcome an equestrian traveller who may be interested in becoming a Member of the Guild.


There are no dues or meetings involved in joining the Guild. One is invited to join after having ridden a minimum of one thousand miles.


Nor will you be awarded a silver trophy, a blue ribbon or a shiny big belt buckle from the Guild. All you will receive is the respect accorded to you by your fellow equestrian explorers, a respect earned by a elite group of men and women scattered around the globe, all of whom, like you, chose to saddle up their horse and then set out on a life-changing equestrian journey.


The Long Riders' Guild recognizes these all-important qualifications for membership for would-be Long Riders:



a continuous ride of at least 1,000 miles or 1600 kilometres, the invitation being issued at the end of the journey  


a determination to put the horse’s welfare above their own, both during the ride and at its conclusion


acknowledgement of the assistance of the Long Riders' Guild and a copy of the LRG logo on their website


a willingness to describe themselves as Long Riders on their website and to the press


at the conclusion of their journey, a readiness to share their individual experiences with would-be Long Riders


It is the Guild’s job to reassure the public that they can trust the word of a Long Rider.  Therefore, if the ride is for a charity, then the funds should be accounted for at the conclusion of the journey.


The election of a new member to the Long Riders' Guild is conditional upon there being no legitimate objections from any current members.  


While the basic qualification for inclusion is the completion of an equestrian journey of at least sixteen hundred kilometres or 1,000 miles, as explained on this page of the LRG website, "being a Long Rider is more than just a matter of miles."


If you would like to discuss becoming a Member of this private invitation-only equestrian honour society, or require the services of the Guild and its Members, we require that you first confirm that you have read this page and agree to the terms stated below.


Because the Guild is committed to protecting the welfare of the horse not all forthcoming equestrian journeys are automatically acknowledged.


The Guild will not endorse any traveller who has failed to make adequate preparations, is not properly equipped, has not worked to resolve border problems in advance and does not have a plan for the ethical disposal of their mount.


"Interdit aux Nomades" ("Nomads are Forbidden").

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This photograph, taken in France by Founding Member Gérard Barré, reveals the antagonism towards equestrian travellers which has been expressed by many settled people throughout the ages.


It also underscores the Guild's commitment to protect the public from exploitation by mounted charlatans posing as legitimate equestrian travellers.


The Guild is committed to reassuring the public that those genuine equestrian travellers known as Long Riders can be trusted.


Those people who have undertaken equestrian journeys as either publicity stunts or thinly disguised business trips will not be invited to join the Guild.


Anyone accepting money to lead someone else on an equestrian journey is a business person - not a Long Rider. Anyone paying money to be led is a tourist on a trail ride - not a Long Rider.


Being a Long Rider is about having the courage to undertake a personal journey on horseback.


Whereas the Guild recognizes that a support vehicle may be used in extreme situations where the safety of the horse is at stake, master equestrian travellers do not need to bring along a motorized comfort zone to accomplish their goal. If an emergency situation arises, then transportation can be arranged.


Long Riders are committed to assisting our fellow travellers and encouraging the growth of an international equestrian brotherhood. Those unwilling to acknowledge the Guild's help, prior to, during and after the conclusion of the journey will not be invited to join.


The Long Riders’ Guild reserves the right to expel any member who:



Is discovered to have intentionally neglected his or her horse(s)


has falsified his or her equestrian achievements


Is not willing to help other equestrian travellers by sharing information


threatens to bring about the dissolution of the Guild


has acted in any manner inconsistent with the good faith observable between members


falsely represents themselves as a spokesperson of the Guild on any internet forum or Facebook group


Is found guilty of any conduct which injures the good name of the Guild


No member shall make any commitment on behalf of The Long Riders' Guild without prior permission, nor use the trademarked term "The Long Riders" except as a description of him or herself. No member shall bind or oblige The Long Riders' Guild or any of its members to any matters outside the affairs of The Long Riders' Guild.


In conjunction with these decisions, one of the world's leading equestrian journalists shared this view.


"I hate to see Long Riders’ Guild put in the position to make such decisions because of the actions and exploitations of others!  But I wholeheartedly believe the move is correct, and because the LRG is ethical, upstanding, and willing to make the tough calls, it stands alone as a pillar of truth, trust, and tradition in the equine world."


The Guild strictly guards the privacy of its Members, never disclosing information to any outside organization or individual.


The Long Riders' Guild reserves the right to refuse admission to any person without giving a reason.

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