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The ancient art of equestrian travel is as relevant today, and resonates as deeply in our souls, as it did to Kikkuli, who rode from the land of Mitanni in 1350 B.C. The allure of personal liberty found on a horse has never disappeared. What has changed are the various methods by which a Long Rider's story may be recorded for history.


Kikkuli left the first known travel record by using a small sharp stick to write his story in cuneiform on a small wet clay tablet. As time marched on, so did a Long Rider’s ability to share their story. After Chinese Long Rider Chen Cheng completed his round trip ride to Afghanistan in 1414 he dipped his hand-carved bamboo pen into an ink-pot and then created the oldest known equestrian travel account to be written on paper.


The development of the printing press did more than allow for the creation of Gutenberg’s famous Bible. It also ensured that soon after newspapers were created they began carrying accounts of the wanderings of Long Riders like Charles Darwin.


Throughout the last century monthly magazines routinely published important Long Rider travel stories in a wide variety of languages.


Likewise the history of literature is filled with the titles of equestrian travel accounts, the most influential of which was “Tschiffely’s Ride,” which was first published in 1932.


The dawning of the 21st century has provided Long Riders with innovative ways to pass their stories on to posterity. Gone are words like “record player” and “typewriter.” They have been replaced with words like internet, podcast and Youtube.  Though the terms may be new to some of us these technologies merely repeat the service of their predecessors.


Whether a Long Rider is telling his tale by the campfire or recalling her journey via a blog update, the need to share is the same.


Provided here is the world’s largest collection of Long Rider media accounts. The collection was originally formed thanks to the efforts of two Founding Members of the Guild, Pat Schamber and CuChullaine O’Reilly.


"I started dreaming of and planning for some kind of epic ride, as I called it, after reading Tschiffely's Ride" as a teenager in the late 30's. I began collecting horse articles in my epic rides folder in 1955," Pat recalled.


When the Long Riders' Guild was created, Pat's articles, along with hundreds of others collected by CuChullaine O'Reilly, were used to help locate the world's "Missing in Action" Long Riders.


With the addition of other articles, donated by equestrian explorers from around the world, this extensive collection has now been scanned in and is presented as a public resource so as to protect, promote, and preserve the names and accomplishments of the Long Riders. It now includes all forms of media currently available to the Guild.


If you are a Long Rider with articles regarding your journey, please scan them in and they too can be added to this collection. Likewise if you have a news or magazine article about an equestrian explorer, please contact The Guild regarding its inclusion in this unique collection.


This singular collection is dedicated to the memory of Historical Long Rider Pat Schamber.

Articles by and regarding the Long Riders listed below can be found by clicking on the individual names.


The Abernathy Boys

Pedro Luis de Aguiar, Jorge Dias de Aguiar, and José Reis

Verne Albright

"Two-Gun" Nan Aspinwall

Adnan Azzam


John Bailey & Paul Grace

Dalibor Balut

George Beck & the Overland Westerners

Barbara Beam

Roland Berg

Charles Bernheimer

Frank Bessac

Dalibor Bolot

Katherine Boone

Mary Bosanquet

Debra Bumpus-Brown & Eva Palhomeino

Fred Burnaby

Lord Byron


The Callaghan Family

Tex Cashner

Jean-Claude Cazade & Pascale Franconie

John Charteris

Edouard Chautard

Russ Chisholm

Alberta Claire

Tim Cope

Jakki Cunningham

Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham


Michel Daumas

Gary Davies

Eduardo Discoli


Bernice Ende


Belinda Fane

Thomas Fairbank

Louise Firouz

Vladimir Fissenko

Bonnie Folkins

Lewis Freeman


Nikita Gretsi


Robin & Louella Hanbury-Tenison

SuSan Small Hammer

John Wayne Haynes

Jeff Hengesbaugh

Gräfin Hohenau

Marshal Ralph Hooker

Horse Travel Books


Jeremy James

Di Jeans & Margaret King


Arthur MacMorrough Kavenagh

Barbara Kohmanns

Tadeusz Kotwicki

Orion Kraus


Greta Lackner

Pete Langford

Felipe Masetti Leite

Linda Losey

The Long Riders' Guild


Hugh MacDermott

Ella Maillart

Steve McCutcheon

Jeanette and Richard McGrath

Henri Moser

Tim Myers - Ride for America


Steve Nott


Steve O'Connor

Basha O'Reilly

CuChullaine O'Reilly


George Patterson

Stan Perdue

Geir Petterson

Pierre Peysson

Ray Piecuch

Roger Pocock

Thierry Posty

Warren Potts

Doug Preston & Walter Nelson


G. W. Ray

William Reddaway

Benjamin Reynal

Ken Roberts & Sharon Muir-Watson

Dan Robinette

Countess Linde von Rosen

Katie Russell

Harry Rutstein

Sea G Ryder

Count Waclaw Rzewuski


Howard Saether and Janja Kovačič

Otto Schwarz

Jean and Franc Shor

Ginny Shumaker-Payne

Megan Son, Laurent Granier and Philippe Lansac

Alexander Spotswood

Freya Stark

Esther Stein & Horst Hausleitner

Robert Louis Stevenson

Mikael Strandberg

Rosie Swale Pope

Ella Sykes


Diamond Dick Tanner

Alexandra Tolstoy

Count Ilia Tolstoy

Aimé Tschiffely


Simon Vickers & Malcolm Warneford-Thomson

DC Vision & Tracy Payne

Chuck Voglewede


Günter Wamser

Catherine Waridel

Janine Wilder

Harry de Windt

Jasper Winn

Howard Wooldridge

Don Worcester

The World Ride


Deb Yavorski

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