The Long Riders' Guild

A Word from the Founders

Issue 1    "In Search of Equestrian Freedom"
Issue 2    "How to define Equestrian Travel?"
Issue 3    "Horses and the World of Islam"
Issue 4    "Those Who Dare: The Hidden Dangers of Latin America"
Issue 5    "Disney's Dilemma"

Issue 6    "Beware the Knave"

Issue 7    "The Price of a Pilgrimage"

Issue 8    "Long Riders on the Roof of the World"

Issue 9    "Butch Cassidy and The Long Riders"

Issue 10  "Sikunder's Law - an Appeal for Equestrian Justice"

Issue 11  "Ethical Exploration"

Issue 12  "Exploration's Future: Commercialism or Community?"

Issue 13  "Will Explorers be redefined as Terrorists?"

Issue 14  "Exploration Clubs - What Future for a Tradition in Decline?"

Issue 15  "What do you Seek?"

Issue 16  "Threats to Travel"

Issue 17  "Divine Horses and Political Injustice"

Issue 18  "Equestrian Freedom or Political Repression?"


CuChullaine OíReilly has spent more than twenty years studying equestrian travel techniques on four continents. A Founding Member of The Long Ridersí Guild, he made lengthy trips by horseback across Afghanistan and Pakistan before leading the Karakorum Equestrian Expedition through five mountain ranges, including the Himalayas, and traversing the Diamer Desert, thereby setting the record for the longest recorded horseback ride in Pakistanís history. CuChullaine was thereafter made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He is the author of Khyber Knights, the thrilling tale of his adventures in Pakistan, The Long Riders, the world's first equestrian travel anthology, The Horse Travel Journal and The Horse Travel Handbook. During the course of one of his equestrian journeys CuChullaine was tortured and illegally imprisoned in Pakistanís notorious ĎPindi Prison.

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