The Long Riders' Guild


Living Treasure carries Guild flag across Brazil


In 1991 Pedro Luis de Aguiar (right) departed on a remarkable two-year equestrian journey.


The journey covered 19,000 kilometres (11,800 miles) from Sao Paulo to Uruguay, then south to the Brazil-French Guyana border and back to Sao Paulo. Pedro was accompanied by a friend, José Reis, and his brother, Jorge Dias de Aguiar.

On March 15, 2005, twenty-eight Long Riders from five continents assembled in London at the Royal Geographical Society. During that meeting Sir John Ure (right) greeted Pedroca, who had been made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in recognition of his extraordinary equestrian journey.


Like many others, Pedroca had been inspired to become a Long Rider due to the influence of Aimé Tschiffely. In 2012, prior to departing on a solo ride from Canada to Brazil, Filipe Leite (left) was mentored by Pedro. This special meeting was described in The Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration. To celebrate Pedroca’s 86th birthday in 2019, he was designated as one of the Guild’s Living Treasures.


Pedroca, who at 87 is the oldest Long Rider in the saddle, has now departed on a new journey.

Accompanied by Sebastião de Assumpção Malheiro Neto (top left), the duo plan to ride the entire length of the São Francisco River. The 4,000 kilometre long Velho Chico Expedition  is due to conclude at the Atlantic Ocean on February 18, 2021. On this date Pedroca plans to celebrate his 88th birthday in the saddle.

The Guild flag that Pedroca is carrying across Brazil is the same well-travelled banner carried by Filipe Leite. Riding “Across the Americas,” from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego; this photo shows Filipe and the flag arriving in Patagonia in 2017.

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