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Alina Grace Dudding (above) is the first woman to twice ride the length of the Pacific Crest Trail solo. After having nearly completed the second journey in 2016, Alina and her horse Valentino’s progress was blocked by a heavy snow fall. In a demonstration of incredible determination, Alina packed a snow shovel on her backpack and swung into the saddle. What occurred next is one of the most remarkable horse adventures in modern times.
It took Alina and Valentino a month to do the last sixty miles. Along the way they survived freezing weather, deep snow and travelled along a snowy cliff.

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How to Ride in Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan

French Long Riders Elise and Léopoldine Desprez set off in June, 2019 from the Tash-Rabat caravanserai in the region of At-Bashi inge of Tapalovka, close to Lepsy. They used three Kyrgyz horses, Victor, Ti Bouchon astef-gebbie.htmnd Monie.  Kyrgyzstan. Their 1,600 kilometre (1,000 miles) trip ended in Eastern Kazakhstan, at the village of Tapalovka, close to Lepsy. They used three Kyrgyz horses, Victor, Ti Bouchon and Monie.


How to Ride East to West across Australia

In 2019 Stef Gebbie rode 4,485 kilometres (2786 miles) across the Australian continent. The solo journey began at the mouth of the Snowy River on the east coast of Victoria and finished at the Margaret River on the west coast of Western Australia.



How to Ride in Albania

Quentin B. and Ashley P. pioneered the Trans-Albanian Trail.


How to Ride in Ireland

At the conclusion of her second 1000 mile journey, Cathleen Leonard has written an article which provides essential information regarding traffic, weather, lodging, etc for anyone planning to ride through Eire.

How to Ride in Western Europe

Andrea Kukalova describes the journey she and Milan Rousek made from the Czech Republic, across Germany, France and on to Spain.

How to Ride in Germany

Before she rode more than a thousand miles across Great Britain, English Long Rider Elizabeth Hill Davies rode from Spain to Germany. She provides valuable advice on how to make a successful equestrian journey in Germany.

How to Ride in Argentina
Italian Long Rider Valerio Ceconi describes how he spent more than three months making a solo equestrian journey in Patagonia and Argentina.
How to Ride on Australia’s Bicentennial National Trail
Kathryn Holzberger (right) provides valuable advice on how she and Preston Stroud (left) rode 5,200 kilometres along Australia’s challenging Bicentennial National Trail.


How to Ride in Central Mongolia 
Dutch Long Rider Simone Johanna Aleida wrote the first in a new series of articles which provides accurate advice about making an equestrian journey in a specific country.


How to Ride in Western Mongolia

After concluding a journey through Mongolia’s Altai Mountains, the Dutch equestrian traveller crafted an extensive report which contains essential information regarding horse prices, weather conditions, cultural practices, budget for the trip, etc.

How to Ride in Great Britain
English Long Rider Elizabeth Davies provides valuable information about road conditions and shares news about an effective insect repellent that helps ward off the notorious midges that torment Long Riders and their horses in the United Kingdom.

How to Ride on the Pacific Crest Trail
Gillian Larson rode her mare, Shyla, 4,286 kilometres (2,663 miles) from the southern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail all the way to Canada. Her article explains the difficulties encountered by Long Riders who travel on this popular trail.


Riding the Pacific Crest Trail Safely
Long Rider Ed Anderson has some potentially life-saving wisdom for those planning to ride the Pacific Coast Trail, which runs from the Mexican to the Canadian borders through some of the United States' most challenging mountain terrain.

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