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A New Chapter in Equestrian Travel History
Long Riders and the Environment


Long Riders Document Climate Change

We are living at a pivotal moment in human history where deadly heat, gigantic wild fires, intense droughts, epic floods, and melting glaciers provoke starvation, migration and death. What is widely misunderstood is that equestrian travel is facing an increasing number of climatic threats that jeopordise its continued existence. This is the only investigation of its kind. A dozen articles reveal 122 years of destructive human activity as witnessed by Long Riders around the world.


Long Rider Pioneer of Environmental Research

In December 1901 Harry de Windt set off to travel from Paris to New York, via Siberia. The 18,494 mile long journey was filled with hardship and danger. Yet the resourceful de Windt created the first meteorological study that documented temperatures around the globe.


The Future Has a Face and a Name

Greta and Alejandro Matos became members of the Long Riders’ Guild when they rode across Chile. When they set off across Patagonia in 2022, their daughter Sofía Alegría joined them. Upon the completion of the journey Sofía became the youngest person ever to be made a Member of the Long Riders’ Guild. Yet as she rode with Sofía Alegría sitting in front, Greta realised that the Little Long Rider symbolised every child whose future is in danger because of climate change. In a remarkable introspection the Mother, Long Rider and Environmentalist explains, “Our children, just like our Earth, hold the key to our collective future. If there was ever a time to reconnect with the bravery within our hearts, face our fears about our uncertain future, and turn toward the unknown with curiosity, it is now.” READ MORE


Seen from the Saddle - A Long Rider Eyewitness to Climate Change

German Long Rider Sabine Keller has ridden more than 40,000 miles. In a special report created for the Guild’s environmental study, Sabine described the many alarming changes she witnessed during her latest equestrian journey across Europe.


Long Rider Family Carries Guild Flag During Pioneering Environmental Study in National Parks and Forests

In an age where traditional family values are derided and a growing number of young people have no interaction with Nature, a mother, daughter and father are preparing to undertake an environmental study for the Long Riders’ Guild. The 1,200 mile ride will take the family through 23 of America’s national parks and forests. Having witnessed the effects of climate change, Lacy, Clara and Shane decided to depart on the equestrian journey that they had long dreamed of. Yet they realised that this would present them with a unique opportunity to not only study each national resource but to also speak to the horse owners, ranchers, farmers and back country packers whose lives and historical activities were under threat READ MORE



Equestrian Ethics


The Guild never turns a blind eye to horse abuse or unethical behaviour!

Whereas in the past horses were ridden with utter ruthlessness, often to their deliberate death, Members of the Guild collectively believe that no religious, political, medical, cultural, financial, sporting or personal goal grants a human the right to abuse a horse during a journey. Long Riders are committed to protecting the welfare of their animals. This special concise study is the first of its kind. It was created in order to help the public understand that truly evil deeds have been inflicted upon helpless horses by wicked humans. The study will provide evidence of equine travel abuse that occurred in the USA and overseas. It will explain why and where humans have perpetrated these acts of cruelty on horses.
It will present historical evidence that proves that horsemen from a previous generation worked together to stop mounted outlaws and that a similar modern effort has been effectively employed to halt modern horse abusers masquerading as Long Riders The evidence of premeditated torture, starvation and equine death caused by villains who cloak their crimes by pretending to be genuine Long Riders reveals why the public needs to protect horses from premeditated, agonizing, unrelenting torment.   READ THE BOOK

"This shocking book reveals the dark side of humanity, those who would use and abuse a horse for their own aggrandizement and swindle well- meaning people into helping them. They represent themselves as travelers riding for a cause but leave a path of destruction. But it also shows the good side- those who will stop them! This book is just the start to - Never Again!"
American Long Rider Lucy Leaf

“The magnum opus of equine terror that CuChullaine O’Reilly has synthesized is nothing short of appalling. The capacity for ignorant, arrogant, egotistical individuals to warp public perception and cause immense harm to the creatures in their care goes beyond anything I have previously conceived. This is an incredibly timely, necessary resource to publish, and I implore him to do so with as much urgency as humanly possible."
Friend of the Guild Adam Pennavaria



The Guild Welcomes its New Members


Claire Alldritt pioneered a thousand mile route through all of Scotland.

Baptiste Chauvin rode from Barcelona, Spain to Quimper, France.

Neil Hammari rode the Butterfield Stage route of 1849 and through the Gila Wilderness. He is the author of Riding Backwards Down the Gila.

Kate McNorris rode from John O’Groats, Scotland to Land’s End, Cornwall.

Jeff Pappas rode ocean to ocean across the United States.

Lacy Stockton, Clara Fisher and Shane Stratton - carried the Guild flag during a pioneering environmental study that took the family 1,200 miles through 23 of America’s national parks and forest.

Patrick Sullivan - rode from California to Kentucky.

Marcos Villamil rode through 18 provinces in Argentina.

Jürgen Vorwerk pioneered a 1,000 mile route through Germany starting at the Rhineland then south through Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Badem Würtemberg and Bavaria past Ulm to Lake Constance near Überlingen. From there north to Stuttgart and across the Rhine.



Associate Members


Douglas Gnida rode through Canada and the western United States.

Karen Selle rode through Canada and the western United States.


Historical Members


Chet Tomasciewicz rode from Connecticut to Washington.


Film & Literature


The Long Rider Gallops to Global Fame

Viewers in India, Spain, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, the USA and a growing number of countries are expressing their unwavering support for the most important equestrian travel documentary ever made.
The film recounts how Filipe Leite rode from Canada to Brazil, during which time he survived a long list of hazards, dangers and delays. Yet this is no gung-ho adventure.
As Barbara Godwin, publisher of HRL magazine said, “The film’s deep emotional appeal affects people from all walks of life.” That truth is confirmed by the fact that the film has won 19 awards in various countries. Long Riders are assisting by arranging for the film to be viewed in their nation. .


Long Rider Film Maker Honoured

In April Brazilian Long Rider Filipe Leite was present at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma, where he was presented with the prestigious Western Heritage Award. Known as the Bronze Wrangler, the award is granted to those who made significant contributions to Western Heritage through creative works in literature, music and film. Previous winners include John Wayne, Jack Palance, Jimmy Stewart and Kirk Douglas. After receiving the award, Filipe thanked the Long Riders who had mentored him and helped make his remarkable journey from Alaska to Patagonia possible. Thus the connection between Filipe and Tschiffely continues to emotionally deepen and at the same time carries the message of the Guild's brotherhood to the distant corners of the planet.


The Horse Travel Handbook – Dutch Translation Reviewed

Suzanne Vlieger-Admiraal, Editor of Bit & Cap magazine in the Netherlands has shared her thoughts about the Handbook. The Horse Travel Handbook is not just a book. It is a book for anyone who wants to escape "the 'rat race' of our society and the tightness of our overcrowded country" - on horseback that is.
CuChullaine O'Reilly, founder of the Long Riders Guild and seasoned Long Rider himself, collected the valuable knowledge of many generations of long distance riders in the Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration. The Handbook, which is translated into Dutch, is a concise version of the larger EEE. It is 'designed to be carried in the saddlebag' but can still be called very extensive. The 396-page book is very complete and contains all the information that a (prospective) long-distance rider should have. It offers tips and advice for every stage of the journey, from planning to closing. Really everything that awaits you and all possible (disaster) scenarios along the way are covered. From purchasing a good trail horse to feeding and grooming, and from packing a pack saddle to recognizing quicksand and dealing with armed attacks – thousands of miles and hundreds of years of knowledge and experience are at your service. All this information is logically arranged in eight parts and eighty-seven chapters, so that if you find yourself in a (difficult) situation along the way, you never have to spend much time searchingfor advice.
Not only the practical matters are discussed, but also the more philosophical matters. How do you deal with 'the great silence' that you will undoubtedly encounter when you are on the road for weeks with your horse as only company? What kind of inner transformation awaits you on horseback, and how do you deal with it? "The journey challenged you, broke you, rewarded you, freed you, renewed you and erased your old self. When you look in the mirror, you wonder; what makes a person who he is? Who or what is the soul?" A lot to process, this book helps with that.
The tips and advice are steeped in respect and awe for the horse. The well-being of the trail horse and the friendship between horse and long rider, which becomes even stronger during their joint adventure, predominate. Because: "No bond in your life will be deeper than the one you build with the horse you sleep with, travel with, and share the trails with." The palpable love for the horse, which runs like a thread through the book, together with its philosophical character and the invitation to dream of great adventures, even when you know they might never come true, make the 'Handbook for traveling on horseback' not only for the 'Long Rider', but worthwhile for every horse lover.


Dutch Long Riders Praise Handbook

How grateful we are to CuChullaine O’Reilly for writing this book! The Horse Travel Handbook was crucial in the preparation of our trip through Kyrgyzstan. This book covers every subject, from the mental preparation for the journey to saying goodbye and re-adjusting into society. He does not create an image of roses and moonshine, but is realistic and warns you about possible dangers. Not only that, he also offers solutions. After reading this book you are one important step closer to your departure. It gives you insights into first aid for horses, how to choose a horse, whether a pack horse is a good idea for you, the daily tasks, and so on. He even explains things that may come your way; such as crossing rivers and dealing with cultural differences. The anecdotes and quotes from other Long Riders complete the picture. Thank you CuChullaine! Corneel & Joséphine Jammaers



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