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The Long Riders' Guild is very grateful to the following members for sharing all their hard-won knowledge and experiences.  Without them, these pages could not exist!

Mary-Ellen Eckleberg - rode the length of the Mississippi - in both directions

Wendy Hofstee  - Made a Long Ride in Ecuador

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Barbara Kohmanns and Günter Wamser  - currently riding from Ecuador to Alaska

Kohmanns-Wamser.jpg (48635 bytes)

Dietmar Köstler - has ridden extensively in Germany

John Labouchere  - made a 5,000 mile ride in South America

Evelyn Landerer - has made several Long Rides in Mongolia and is planning two more expeditions

Saskia Machaczek  - has recently made a Long Ride in Argentina

Gordon Naysmith  - rode 13,000 miles from South Africa to Austria

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Steve Nott  - rode all around the perimeter of Australia, and has made many Long Rides in Africa.

Basha O'Reilly - rode from Russia to England, and up most of the "Outlaw Trail".

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