The Long Riders' Guild

Founding Members of The Long Riders' Guild

gerard.jpg (10968 bytes) Gérard Barré - created the world's first equestrian travel website and has ridden extensively through the Alps and the Jura in France.
Gouraud.jpg (67542 bytes) Jean-Louis Gouraud - has published many previously "lost" equestrian travel accounts and rode from Paris to Moscow.  Author of "Serko" and "Russie:  des Chevaux, des Hommes et des Saints", and Editor of "Deux Chevaux pour un Cavalier".
Robin & Louella Hanbury-Tenison - contributed to the body of equestrian travel literature and made historically significant rides on several continents.  Author of "White Horses over France", "A Ride along The Great Wall", "Spanish Pilgrimage", and "Fragile Eden".
Hooker.JPG (83800 bytes) Marshal Ralph Hooker - at 95 years old was the world's oldest equestrian traveler and made several record-breaking rides in the 1950s.  Author of "Born out of Season" and "Guns and Badges".  Now deceased.
Jeremy-James.jpg (88244 bytes) Jeremy James - added to the body of equestrian travel literature and made two unique journeys in Eastern Europe. 
Gordon Naysmith - made the only recorded ride in modern history from South Africa to Western Europe.  Author of "The Will to Win."
Basha O'Reilly  - attended the first meeting of The Long Riders' Guild, located and visited equestrian travellers throughout Europe, designed The Long Riders' Guild website and rode from Russia to England.  Author of "Count Pompeii - Stallion of the Steppes".  
CuChullaine.jpg (17142 bytes) CuChullaine O'Reilly - has spent thirty years studying equestrian travel techniques on every continent. He led the Karakorum Equestrian Expedition through Pakistan and was thereafter made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. CuChullaine is the author of "Khyber Knights", "The Long Riders" and "The Horse Travel Journal."  Publisher of The Long Riders Literary Collection, he is now working to establish the world's first equestrian archaeology programme.


George Patterson - rode from Tatsienlu, Tibet to Dibrugarh in the Naga Tribe territory of Northern India.  Author of "Journey with Loshay" "Gods and Guerillas" and "Patterson of Tibet".  Now deceased.
Pat Schamber - spent 30 years collecting equestrian travel articles and rode from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Now deceased.

Schwarz.JPG (58106 bytes)

Otto Schwarz - was an Olympic-level dressage rider and a Captain in the Swiss Cavalry, who rode a total of 48,000 kilometers on five continents.  Now deceased.  Author of "Reisen mit dem Pferd" Now deceased.

Click here for much more information on his journeys.

Vasconcellos.jpg (35927 bytes) Raul & Margarita Vasconcellos - made a textbook perfect ride from Arizona to Argentina in the 1980s.  Raul is now deceased.
DC.jpg (38475 bytes) DC Vision - attended the first meeting of The Long Riders' Guild, introduced the concept of "spiritual equestrianism" and made a record breaking ride in the USA.  Now deceased.
Wamser2.jpg (92237 bytes) Günter Wamser - has lectured throughout Europe about equestrian travel and ridden from Patagonia to Alaska.  See Günter's page on Current Expeditions.

Catherine Waridel - rode alone from the Crimea to Karakorum in Mongolia, in the footsteps of William of Rubrick. Now deceased.






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