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How it works

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Applying the Stableizer is an easy process that anyone can do, on any horse, at any time, in any country. Here is how it works.

A thin cord resembling a halter is slipped over the horse's head first and then under the horse's top lip - in a manner just opposite from putting on a bridle. A plastic covering keeps the cord from causing any harm to the horse's lip, gum, or mouth. Two thin rubber coated knobs, which are attached to the cord, fit behind the horse's ears. As soon as the Stableizer is in place, a steady, continual pull on the end of the cord applies pressure via a simple pulley system. A locking button then slides up, allowing the Stableizer to become taut.

Simple and effective, the Stableizer's single cord immediately begins working by simultaneously applying pressure on the poll behind the horse's ears and to the gum underneath the horse's top lip. This dual pressure achieves two things. Applied constant pressure under the horse's lip activates the acupressure point known as GV26. Pressure on this spot ( located on the upper gum between the two front teeth and under the upper lip ) blocks the release of adrenalin. Meanwhile, constant applied pressure to two dime sized areas behind the horse's ears activates the acupressure points known as TH17, thereby releasing endorphins and creating a sedative-type reaction. 

When the Stableizer is snug and in place, the horse is turned in a short circle to the right as the handle is held firmly, pulling down on the handle at least three times and then releasing it. The horse is then turned to the left and the process is repeated. Immediately after this the horse's brain is allowed to react to the dual pressure being applied. The horse is now allowed to stand quietly for at least two minutes. Normally you will see the horse's head start to slowly drop within 45 seconds after fitting the Stableizer. This is a sign that the horse's brain are releasing endorphins, which are naturally produced sedatives that both humans and horses have in their bodies.

Extremely effective, the non-abrasive training system renders a horse calm in only a few minutes. The unique training system allows a single person to control a horse while performing such everyday tasks as leading, saddling, shoeing, clipping, bathing, vaccinating, and loading. Thus the horse is subject to pleasure instead of pain, and associates the activity being done to him or asked from him, as a pleasant experience - not a frightening episode. Also of note is the fact that the Stableizer imprints not just a positive lesson to the horse, but actually reinforces the concept that the human is now the dominant herd-mate, and therefore can be trusted because of the desensitizing process that is taking place.

The Stableizer can be used over a halter or a bridle. To take the Stableizer off, simply depress and slide the red button down toward the handle. This immediately releases all pressure, enlarges the loop, and allows the Stableizer to be quickly slipped off the horse's head. If a horse is extremely head-shy, the Stableizer can be taken apart at the top snap, slipped into place, snapped back together, and slid into place. 

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The Stableizer is a patented scientific device constructed from non-toxic materials which are environmentally friendly to a horse's body. It comes in five sizes that fit all equines, ranging from foals to Clydesdales. The simple device consists of a simple, non-invasive special coated cord, two pulleys, a tension-control knob, and a soft plastic handle. 

The unit weighs only 6.45 ounces, making the effective, humane and economical device so light weight that any Long Rider should be able to carry it in either a saddlebag or a pack saddle box - thus ensuring that a calmer horse means a safer Long Rider.

For further information regarding how the Stableizer works, contact the inventor at:

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