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The saddles featured on this page have not yet been used by Long Riders.  However, we feel that they have such strong potential that we decided to draw your attention to them. 

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Catalogue no. DS01

This Sattel Evolution 2000 has a tree which is extremely flexible.  The saddle does not only come with pommel and rear saddle bags, but also with cylindrical "coat bags" which fit on top of the saddle bags. The saddle weighs 7 kg. (14 pounds).

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The Torsion saddle has no tree and therefore it should fit just about every horse.  It is especially good for Gaited horses (such as the Icelandic horse) because the saddle does not hinder the movement of the shoulder. It is very popular with endurance riders, and it only weighs 3 kg. (about 6 pounds).  The saddlebags have been cleverly divided into several pockets - although they are not waterproof. 

Unfortunately the Torsion did not do well when tested by Long Rider Horst Hausleitner, who used one on his epic African journey from South Africa to Kenya in 2004 with his wife, Esther.  She wrote to say, "I would not recommend it for a journey like ours.  It is true that it fits on almost every horse and if you use it with the Torsion saddle pad, which is upholstered at the sides, it works quite well at the beginning.  But after a while on such a Long Ride the pad flattens and the saddle caused bad saddle-sores along the whole backbone. I'd recommend the McClellan as the best saddle:  in 11 months it not only did not cause any saddle-sores, but under it the saddle-sores caused by the Torsion were able to heal."

Torsion+bags.jpg (13193 bytes)

Catalogue no. IS04/IS02

Ortlieb-pack.jpg (9190 bytes)

These saddlebags from Ortleib are totally waterproof, and come with straps which hold the bags exactly where they are supposed to be.

UT19a.JPG (85813 bytes)

The above saddles can all be found at Hue & This company features the most extensive international collection of riding saddles we have ever seen ! Rita Leithner, the owner of Hue & Hott, travels the world searching for the best equestrian equipment each culture has to offer her customers. What she has discovered can only be called "amazing". While the website and catalogue are currently only available in German, both are amply illustrated and easy to negotiate. Plus Rita and her staff will assist you over the phone if you have questions.

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