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Dietmar Koestler of Germany has reported excellent things about this saddle which is made in Italy. It is reputed to be one of the most comfortable saddles ever made. In addition, it has a well designed system of saddle bags, pommel bags, canteen, map case, and axe. One aspect which we highly recommend is the support small bar (see illustration on right) which keeps the weight of the saddle bag lifted off the horse's body. We have spoken to Corky, who runs the American branch of Prestige Saddles. He is anxious to see this system tried by Long Riders and was ready and willing to talk to us on the phone in a courteous and friendly manner.

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Many Long Riders, regardless of their country of origin, prefer a traditional western saddle. The problem is that the majority of western saddles are highly tooled, too heavy, and prohibitively expensive. After extensive research, we believe this "Packers Saddle" may be the best designed, and lowest priced, western saddle available today. In addition to being a durable piece of equipment, it can also double as a pack saddle in case of emergency.

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