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Long Rider News - Spring 2008

News flash! The Long Riders Guild Press seeks Government protection from Amazon!

Sad news:  Long Rider Louise Firouz, who rediscovered the Caspian horse, has died at her home in Iran.  Click here for more information, and here for her obituary in the New York Times.

First he rode from Buenos Aires to Washington, DC.  Then he wrote the most important equestrian travel book of the twentieth century.  Now the most famous Long Rider of all time, Aimé Félix Tschiffely, has his own official website! There you will find rare correspondence, documents, articles and information about his rides, books, adventures and incredible life.  There are also pages about his wife Violeta and his famous Criollo horses Mancha and Gato.

Long Riders make Cartographic Equestrian History Thanks to an international effort by Long Riders in Africa, Europe and North America, a brilliant new method of mapping and planning an equestrian expedition in advance has been designed.  In a related development, Long Riders from around the world are now submitting the routes they used on previous equestrian expeditions.

In a world exclusive, The Long Riders' Guild is releasing an unprecedented article, "Butch Cassidy and The Long Riders - A Forgotten Historical Connection" about Roger Pocock, the only person ever to have ridden the length of the infamous Outlaw Trail.  In addition, for the first time in more than a hundred years, Pocock's ten-part newspaper series, "Riding the Outlaw Trail," explaining how he met Butch Cassidy and visited Robbers Roost, has been discovered and republished.  Finally, read how a family of Long Riders searched for clues of Butch and Sundance in Argentina in the exciting story, "Butch Cassidy - Fiction and Facts."

Senior Long Rider, George Patterson - "Patterson of Tibet" - who rode across the Himalayas in the winter of 1949, to deliver a plea for help from Tibet to the outside world, makes a passionate appeal for that benighted country.

Recent events have impelled The Guild to issue a new definition of “What is the Long Riders’ Guild and how does one become a Member?” 

The Long Riders' Guild wishes to welcome the following new Members:  William Brenchley, Jane Dotchin, Nicholas Ducret, Robert Fanton, Guenter Hardt, Christine Henchie, Tony Ilmoni, Gigi Kay, Marc Kempf,  Lynn Lloyd, Kristian Nyman, Lucy Rees and Ron Villareale.  Information about their journeys can be found on the Members Pages

New Historical Long Riders DiscoveredA German housewife turned equestrian explorer, a French prince who rode from St. Petersburg to Siam, a Russian revolutionary who journeyed across Siberia, a Swiss clerk who rode across the Sahara, an American president who explored Yellowstone and a equestrian explorer who was so brave that he inspired Jules Verne – they’re all newly discovered Historical Long Riders whose equestrian exploits are revealed for the first time.

Many new expeditions under way and planned, including a ride in the steps of the 17th century Ottoman Long Rider Evliya Çelebi, a journey from Georgia to Montana, and another Long Ride in Afghanistan!


New Stories from the RoadRead about a journey through Central Asia, the difficulties and dangers of travelling in Tibet, a journey across the length of the United Kingdom, Long Riders in South America on the trail of Butch and Sundance, and a fascinating history of Long Riding in Albania.


Leading equestrian magazines have published Long Rider-based articles, including: 

- The forgotten religious basis for the North American taboo against eating horses.

- "Two-Gun" Nan Aspinwall, the first woman ever to ride across North America alone.

- Australian Geographic publishes an extensive article praising Tim Cope's record ride from Mongolia to Hungary.

- Basha O'Reilly discusses her work as a publisher, author, webmaster and Founder Member of The Long Riders' Guild.

Click here to read these and other fascinating magazine stories.

As word spreads about the extraordinary adventures of the Long Riders, The Guild is receiving an increasing stream of media-related requests and/or published articles regarding our Members.  There have been many more newspaper and Internet articles about Long Riders, as well as appearances on YouTube and podcasts too!  Plus, because of recent developments we have launched a special section devoted to Long Rider films!

More images of Long Riders exploring the world have been added to the special "Shadows and Ears" page!

Because of his perilous winter-time crossing of Siberia, Swedish Long Rider Mikael Strandberg has been chosen by The Explorers Club in New York to pick suitable young explorers by giving them grants and encouragement.  Congratulations to The Explorers Club for helping this new generation explore the world and to Mikael Strandberg for providing such a sterling role model.

The famous cowboy poet and Friend of The Guild, TJ Casey, has written a beautiful poem about Historical Long Rider "Two-Gun" Nan Aspinwall, the first woman to ride across America.

New books by and about Long Riders!

Another exciting new title has been published by The Long Riders' Guild Press, Mounted Archery in the Americas.  This fascinating and amply illustrated book charts the history of mounted archery from its ancient roots on the steppes of Eurasia thousands of years ago to its current resurgence in popularity in the Americas. It also provides the reader with up-to-the-minute practical information gleaned from a unique team of the world’s leading experts.

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