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Arita Baaijens - rode through the Altai Mountains in Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and Russia.

Callum Back - completed a journey along Australia’s Bicentennial National Trail

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Tommy Bäcklund  - rode the Outlaw Trail from the Mexican Border to Miles City, Montana

Dalibor Balut - made the first modern ride to all corners of his native Czech Republic. The journey took him along the borders of Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

Dominique Barbe - rode from the Saint Lawrence River to the Canadian Rockies.  Author of "Le Canada à Cheval".

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Richard Barnes - rode the length and breadth of England, Scotland and Wales.  Author of "Eye on the Hill".
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Elizabeth Barrett - spent years collecting rare equestrian travel books and rode more than 1,000 miles through England documenting the early journeys of Celia Fiennes.  Author of "Horseback Journeys of Celia Fiennes".

Alberto Baretta - rode from Uruguay to New York City.

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Thomas Bartz -  rode from Osh, Kirghizstan to Panjshir, Afghanistan.

Jeremiah Bayes  - rode from Colorado to Arizona and back with Adam del Amor.

Leonardo van den Berg - rode from Portugal to the Netherlands with Klarien Klingen.

Roland Berg – has made multiple journeys in Europe, including riding from Germany to Lithuania, a journey across France to Portugal, and a journey through Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic. In addition he explored Patagonia extensively on three separate trips.

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Hafis Bertschinger - rode from Gardner, Kansas to The Dalles via The Oregon Trail.  Author of "With a Horse called George".

Jessica Bigler - rode from Switzerland to the British Isles and back.

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Stéphane and Véronique Bigo - have ridden on many continents and across several countries, including Turkey, China, Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala and the United States.  Author of "Crinières au vent d'Asie", "Crinières sans Frontières", "Crinières au Vent Indien", "Crinières de Jade" and "Crinières d'Ebène".

Rick Blackburn rode from Québec City, Québec, Canada to College Station Texas, USA.

Augustin Blanchard (left) and Marc von Polier (right) rode from Stanton, Kentucky to Florence, Oregon

Dagmar Bloess rode from Germany, across France and on to Spain.

Tina Boche – rode from Greece to Germany.

Quentin Boehm and Ashley Parsons pioneered a route across Albania.

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Kathie Bogue, Martha Olivo and Judy Housel - rode from Columbia to Texas.

Pat Bohnert rode through Argentina via the Andes Mountains.

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Katherine Boone -  rode across Spain, from the Mediterranean to Cabo Finisterre ("The End of the Earth"),

Dalaikhan Boshai - made a Long Ride in his native Kazakhstan

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Ria Bosman-Naysmith - rode from Maseru, Lesotho, to Nairobi, Kenya.

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Laura Bougault - rode extensively through France and then completed a ride through Africa.

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Alastair Boyd - made many journeys on horseback through Southern Spain.  Author of "The Road from Ronda".

Christopher Bradbury rode from the Camargue in southern France to London, England.

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Michael Bragge - rode from Brisbane to Melbourne in Australia.

Belinda Braithwaite - rode from Gibraltar to Paris, and from Calgary to San Francisco.  Author of "A Girl, a Horse and a Dog."  

Sharon Bridgeman rode along Australia’s Bicentennial National Trail. The journey took Sharon from Cooktown in the far north of Queensland to Wallerawang in New South Wales.

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Pam Brookman - completed a ride along Australia's Bicentennial National Trail.

Len Brown - rode through New Mexico, West Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Central Kansas to Missouri, a journey which led to the invention of the Ortho Flex Saddle.

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Louis Bruhnke - rode from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  Author of "Sufridor".

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Debra Bumpus Brown - rode through the American West.

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Claire Burges Watson - rode from Ulaan Baator, Mongolia, to Samarkand, Uzbekistan. 

Monika Burmeister made two lengthy journeys across Europe. She first rode from Estonia to Austria, via Lapland, Lithuania and Poland. She also rode from Romania to Austria, via Slovakia.

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