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Sea G Rhydr (above) completed her "ocean to ocean" ride across the United States. Having set off from California, Sea reached Minot, Maine, home of Historic Long Rider Messanie Wilkins, who served as Sea's inspiration during this important ride.


After being inspired by the legendary Swiss Long Rider, Aimé Tschiffely, Filipe Leite completed his historic journey from Toronto, Canada to his home in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Filipe, was joined by his father, Luis, during the Mexican portion of the ride. He then went on to ride solo through all of Central America before his journey was temporarily halted at the border of Panama by unreasonable governmental restrictions. Filipe flew his horses to Peru, then rode on across Bolivia. After having ridden 12,000 kilometres, he entered Brazil to a storm of publicity.

Capucine Lelièvre, Charlotte Simsar and Charlotte Vandeputte have completed their journey across Patagonia and southern Argentina.

Larry Whitlock's journey from Texas to Idaho has ended.

Nic and Donna Cuthbert rode from Ullgii in western Mongolia to Ehrenhot in south-east Mongolia.


Marc Noonan rode from Columbia to Peru via Ecuador.


Dalibor Balut made the first modern equestrian journey around the entire perimeter of the Czech Republic. His journey took him along the borders of Poland, Austria, Germany and Slovakia.


Marcelo Malbran and Osvaldo Lopez rode from the Pacific Ocean at Miramar, Argentina across the Andes Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean at Pichilemu, Chile.


Sabine Keller travelled solo from “the west of Germany to Luxembourg, Belgium and across France to the Atlantic Ocean near Biarritz.”


Grant Nicolle rode the historic trail that stretches from John O’Groats in Scotland, across England, to Land’s End in Cornwall.


Pat Bohnert and Peter van der Gugten rode through Argentina via the Andes Mountains.


Jack Toulson, founder of The Adventurers' Guild, rode across northern Mongolia.


Sabine Keller and Dagmar Blöß rode from Germany, across France and on to Spain.

Kohei Yamakawa completed the first modern equestrian journey across the nation of Japan. Because of the historical importance of the ride, Kohei was granted the honour of carrying the LRG flag. Click here for additional details about this historic equestrian expedition.

Michael Pugh rode through Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Romania.

Twenty years after Hetty Dutra rode the historic Nez Perce National Historic Trail in 1994, the American Long Rider completed her second ride along this trail.

Ingrid Verdaasdonk and Eva Hietkamp, a mother and daughter team of Long Riders, started in Valencia and then rode across Spain and on to Saint Jean Pie de Port, France.

William Reddaway made a unique journey to the four corners of England, during which time he visited 30 historic cathedrals and abbeys. The ride raised money for the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre, which brings the transforming power of horses and ponies to inner London children and young people who face physical, mental or social challenges.

Murray Campbell rode through Patagonia. He was assisted by Argentine Long Rider Jose Argento.

Günter Wamser has completed his historic trans-continental journey across South, Central and North America. Having set off from Patagonia twenty years ago, the German Long Rider and Founding Member of the Guild has survived countless challenges during this monumental journey. The first portion of the trip was done using two Criollo geldings. Having reached the Texas border, American authorities refused to allow the horses entry because they were found to be infected with piroplasmosis. After he found his horses a good home in Mexico, the Guild helped Günter locate BLM American mustangs to continue the trip. These horses had been trained in Colorado by prisoners in a special training programme. Those mustangs have now carried the German Long Rider to the top of Alaska!

After having ridden across Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and the Sudan, Billy Brenchley and Christine Henchie reached Uganda, where Billy became very ill and had to go to hospital in Johannesburg. Tragically, only a few days after the couple recommenced their journey, Christy was killed in a road accident. Billy was seriously injured, and 25 locals were also hurt, as well as two more people killed. Because of serious health concerns, Billy has reluctantly concluded the journey.

Arita Baaijens and Wayne Poulsen completed the first modern circumnavigation of the entire Altai Mountain Range on horseback. The journey took them through the border zones of four countries, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and Russia, during which time they documented the landscape, peoples and their culture.

Katie Cooper finished her ride through the American Southwest. Because Katie is one of the few Long Riders to use a mule, her journey was documented by the American Donkey and Mule Society. The ADMS will be publishing extracts from Katie's blog in their magazine, the Brayer.

Sam Southey and Tim Mullan rode across northern Mongolia. During their ride, Sam and Tim carried out an important nutritional research project for the Long Riders' Guild Academic Foundation. Their mission was to document how Mongolian herders feed their horses, in an effort to determine if these native horses suffer from colic.

Catherine Thompson concluded her third journey through the vast grasslands of Canada. An artist and musician, Catherine used her latest journey to "delve even deeper into non-linearity with this trip, it being so clear that the movement is about connection to place, the shifting of time awareness, stillness."

Pete Langford completed his journey across both islands of New Zealand. Because of the historic nature of this journey, Pete carried the LRG flag across the island nation.

Jamie Maddison and Matt Traver completed a crossing of the deserts of eastern Kazakhstan. During the journey they devised new ways to protect the expedition's horses from the brutal heat.

Hawk Hurst made his second journey across the American west, riding from Mexico to Canada via the Grand Canyon.

Clay Marshall rode from the Mexican border to Utah.

Paddy Lennon and Jo Kimmins completed their journey across Spain, having ridden from Via de Plata, Sevilla to Santiago de Compostella. They join many other Long Riders who have also ridden along this ancient pilgrim route

South African Long Rider Lloyd Gillespie rode 7400 kilometres around the entire periphery of his native South Africa, to create awareness of African Horse Sickness.

Dirk Schleibaum rode from Coppenbruegge in the north of Germany to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Richard Waltrapp rode from central Germany to the North See, then travelled across the north of the country, before completing an extensive circular journey back to Ulm.

Alfons Cotti rode from Sur in Switzerland to the Verdon Canyon in Italy and back to Switzerland.

Stella Banduhn and her husband rode from their home in Germany to Exmoor, England.

Noah Anderson and Sharalyn Hay rode through Idaho and Montana.

French Long Rider Stephane Pennac and Chilean Long Rider Marcela Munoz rode across Patagonia, Chile and Argentina.

Clay Clark rode from Arkansas to Arizona

Bryan Brant rode from Illinois to New York.

The journey Ken Lee was making across his native Australia was concluded early due to extreme heat followed by torrential rains.

Charlotte Culot's ride across France and Spain was halted when her pack horse suffered an injury.

Pauline Breau and Julien Gohier finished their round trip ride from France to Greece and back.

Lithuanian Long Rider Vaidotas Digaitis has completed his journey around the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Circle and back.  No one has attempted this difficult journey since a British and Danish Long Rider rode south from the Arctic Circle in 1954.  For more information, visit Horse Talk


Indefatigable Swiss Long Rider Jessica Bigler wrote to tell the LRG her latest news.  After several journeys in Europe, she spent the winter of 2011-2012 in Hungary with her boyfriend. "We are planning to live the next few years on the road with our 3 horses and 2 dogs." 


Peter Ritz has completed his 6,000 kilometre ride from the bottom of Spain to the east of Germany. The accomplished Long Rider has already completed several other trips across Europe, most notably a journey from Görlitz to Rome. His longest ride to date is the ride to all the 4 outermost edges of Germany (3100 km).


Katrina Littlechild has ended her ride from John O'Groats to Lands End in the United Kingdom.


Long Rider Bernice Ende had already ridden 17,000 miles in the United States since 2005.  She has now completed her sixth journey, in Canada.


Dominque van Eick, who previously rode from Germany to her home in Holland, rode from Poland to the Netherlands.


Catherine Thompson completed her Long Ride across western Canada.  


Long Rider Jakki Cunningham wrote to The Guild to say, "The SLL (Sète Lorient London) White Horses charity has completed a long ride from the South of France to England".  Here is an article about this journey, which resulted in two more Long Riders being invited to join the Guild:


After completing his ride from Spain to England, Irish Long Rider Steven O’Connor has how also completed the first modern ride to all four corners of Eire.


Orion Kraus has completed his journey from Vera Cruz to Panama. 


Deb Yavorski set out from Quoddy Head State Park, the easternmost part of the United States and rode to Cape Alava on the coast of Washington state. 


Vincent Gabriel Kirouac has completed his Canadian journey.


Virginie Claeyssens has completed a Long Ride in Argentina.  The Long Riders' Guild has lent her the LRG's European pack-saddle, kindly donated by Custom Pack Rigging, and Virginie will be contributing to the rigorous ten-year field test undertaken by The Guild.


Bonnie Folkins has completed her third expedition, riding across Kazakhstan with the two Kazakh Long Riders, Norbek and Alpamys. The team is accompanied by Dalaikhan, the famous Kazakh eagle hunter. To learn more about how the Kazakh’s use their eagles to hunt wolves on the steppes, or to see photos from Bonnie’s previous expeditions, visit -


You would think that after having ridden 18,000 miles across South America on his Manga Larga stallion, Brazil’s celebrated Long Rider, Pedro Luis de Aguiar, would be content to relax on the porch of his hacienda. But at the age of 77 “Pedroca” rode from São Paulo to Brasilia, the nation’s capital.

Long Rider Ken Downey, who has already ridden the length and the breadth of the United States, has finished his journey from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico.

Jeannette and Richard McGrath have completed their “ocean to ocean” ride across the United States.


With their first ride behind them, the hard riding nine Lithuanian Long Riders have completed their second historic mission along “the road of love.” In the 1551 Lithuania’s most beautiful heroine, Barbara Radziwill, was married to the King of Poland. Five months after riding from her homeland, the newly crowned Queen died under mysterious circumstances.


Mark Patterson’s journey from Marysville, Kansas to Vernal, Utah was interrupted when his pack horse nearly lost its life while crossing a fast moving mountain river in Colorado. Because of record snow falls, the stream was exceptionally treacherous. Though Mark managed to save the horse, the majority of his gear was swept away. He reports, "It was quite possibly one of the most terrifying horse wrecks I have ever witnessed.”


After completing a ride from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide Trail, Colonel Rocky Woolman was hoping to ride “ocean to ocean” across the United States. But his trip was halted by record high temperatures which he believed placed him and his horses in danger.


Tom Fairbank completed his journey from Washington to Montana. By taking the equipment through the Rocky Mountains, Tom was field testing one of the two Canadian adjustable pack saddles donated by Custom Pack Rigging. He has also posted this video on YouTube.


David Wewetzer of Germany has completed  one of the most important equestrian journeys recently undertaken, by setting off to ride along the newly created Iron Curtain Trail ! The former symbol of oppression has been turned into a new horse-friendly trail that runs from Turkey to the Arctic Circle and David was the first to attempt to ride a major portion of this historic new route. David, who chose the route because of the 20th anniversary of German reunification, set off from the shores of the Baltic Sea and halted after 500 miles.  His horse, while not being lame, didn't seem 100% sound either and, although the vets could find nothing wrong, David decided to end the journey.  True Long Rider responsibility!  Because of his great care for his mount, we have invited David to become an Associate Member.


Michel Jacobs and Sander Paul have completed their journey from Amsterdam to St. Petersburg.


The famous camel traveller, Arita Baaijens journeyed to Tuva, to lay the groundwork for her first equestrian expedition in search of the mystical Shambala, located in the Altai mountains of Siberia. During this reconnaissance Arita rode with local horsemen and managed to hand-copy a rare Tuvan equestrian text.


Canadian Long Rider Bonnie Folkins has completed her second expedition by riding across Kazakhstan. She was accompanied by the Mongolian Bahat Ibrai and Nurbek Dalikhan and Alpamse Dalaikhan, the first Long Riders from that country.


The historic journey of Argentine Long Rider Eduardo Discoli has apparently been halted. After having ridden from Buenos Aires to New York, his plan was to ride across Europe, carry on through the Middle East, cross North Africa and conclude his journey in Morocco. Sadly, according to sketchy reports, it seems Discoli’s ride has been halted by political tensions. Having reached Israel by boat from Greece, Discoli now appears not to have permission to proceed through Jordan or Egypt. At the last report Discoli was stranded in the small village of Eilat in southern Israel. Discoli’s horse, Chalchalero, has apparently walked for 35.000 kilometres from Argentina.


Colleen Hamer has completed her thousand mile ride around her native state of Nebraska.


Vaidotas Digaitis, Gintaras Kaltenis, Giedrius Klimkevicius, Neringa Kulokaite, Ceslovas Marcinauskas, Algirdas Motiejunas, Skirmante Naglis, Antanas Narmantas, Jonas Plucas rode from the Baltic Sea in Lithuania to the Black Sea in Ukraine.


The highly respected Scottish Long Rider Vyv Wood Gee has completed her second journey. Following in the footsteps of the drovers who for hundreds of years walked cattle south from the Highlands of Scotland to market in London, Vyv became the first modern Long Rider to follow the historic trail from her native Scotland to London.  During her journey, Vyv stayed with the noted British Long Rider author, John Labouchere.


Phase One of The Evliya Çelebi Way Project, previously named the Great Anatolian Ride, has been completed, following in the steps of the 17th century Ottoman Long Rider Evliya Çelebi


Parker Flannery, Ben Masters and Mike Pinckney successfully completed their journey from Canjilon, New Mexico to Port of Piegan, Montana, located on the Canadian border.


Steve McCutcheon has had to pause in his journey from Delhi to Beijing, after being arrested by the Chinese police.   But he hopes to complete it later this year or early next.


The distinguished American mountain man and North American Long Rider, Hawk Hurst, has completed his 2,500 mile equestrian journey from the Texas/Mexico border to Montana/Canadian border. Hawk, who uses primitive pre-1840s mountain man equipment, previously rode from the Grand Canyon to Wyoming.


Thierry Posty's journey was tragically ended when he died while riding through Poland.


Long Rider Ken Downey, who rode from Louisiana to Canada in 1999, has finished his ride across the USA.


Kathleen Haynes has reluctantly cancelled her "Journey to the Centre of the Soul"


Ed Anderson has completed his journey up the Pacific Crest Trail.


Ann Byrns was walking across the States to California, accompanied by her horse Winnie.  No, she would not qualify to be a Long Rider, but her journey does come under the umbrella of equestrian travel and all the Long Riders wish her well as an equestrian "cousin."  Update:  Ann did the right thing by Winnie and discontinued journey when the horse went lame.


Albert Knaus and Kerstin Hüllmandel rode 1,500 miles from their home in Mönchsondheim in Germany to Santiago. 


Ed Lines, Phil Sutton, and Nick Warner have completed their ride along the Andes for over 2,000 miles.


John Wayne Haynes has completed his journey from Hudson, Michigan to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Well done, John!


Long Rider Ian Robinson, having survived the perils of riding across Tibet and Mongolia, has survived the even greater perils of an equestrian journey across Afghanistan.


North American Long Rider Bernice Ende has completed her fourth journey through the United States, bringing her total number of miles travelled up to the fifteen thousand mark.


Caitriona O'Leary has completed her ride in India - and sent us a summary of her journey.


Peter Ritz has made a ride round Germany. 


Karen Ekman completed her ride through her native Sweden.


April Nabholz and Dana Szegedy have completed the first month of their ride through Montana, Idaho and Oregon.


Julian Phillips and Lucinda Munchhausen have had to halt their ride to Santiago de Compostela.


Couy Griffin has completed his ride from San Francisco to Jerusalem.


Renate Larssen has completed her ride from Syria to Sweden and sent us a very moving thoughts about her journey.


Jessica Bigler has completed her ride - for the time being.


André Fischer has completed his Long Ride in South America.


Erin Zweiner has been forced to halt her ride up the Continental Divide trail.


Tim Cope has finished his journey from Mongolia to Hungary.


Robin and Louella Hanbury-Tenison have finished their journey through Albania.


Vyv and Elsa Wood-Gee have completed their ride from John O'Groats to Land's End.


Antoinetta Spizzo and Dario Masarotti have returned to their home in Italy from their Long Ride to Moscow!


Andi Mills and Edie New, "The Carolina Trekkers", have completed their Long Ride.

Grant Nicolle has completed his ride the length of Britain, from John O'Groats to Land's End.

Peter Ritz has completed his 3,000 kilometre ride around Germany.

Hubie MacDermott has finished his Long Ride in Argentina - and has sent The Guild more fabulous photos. 

Hans Martens and Paul van Rooyen have completed their ride from the south of France to the Netherlands.

Long Rider Mefo Phillips, having made a journey from Canterbury to Santiago di Compostela in 2002, has just completed her Long Ride from Canterbury to Rome!

Babette Gallard and Paul Chin, who rode from their home in France to Santiago in 2005, are now back home after their journey to Rome!  Click here to read about Babette's fascinating book about their Long Ride to Santiago.

Klarien Klingen has just completed her journey from Portugal to the Netherlands.

Margriet Dijkstra and Jeannette van den Eng have just completed their ride from Nijmegen in the Netherlands to Santiago di Compostela.  They met up with Hans Martens and Paul van Rooven (below) who are riding in the opposite direction!

Jayme Feary has completed his ride along the Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico.

Adam and Jeremiah have ridden from Colorado to Arizona and back.

Julie Broome and her daughters have finished riding the Tasmanian Trail!

Louis Meunier's journey across Afghanistan ended when he nearly died.

Linda Losey has finished her ride across the United States.

Howard Wooldridge FRGS - has completed his second ride across the United States.

Mary Howe and her daughter, Hester, have finished their ride


Dario Masarotti and Antonietta Spizzo, Italian veterans of riding in Europe, have returned home from their journey to the Black Sea.


Harry and Lisa Adshead have completed their ride from Wales to Jordan.


Babette Gallard and Paul Chinn have completed their ride from Le Puy en Velay in France to Santiago de Compostela.

Bernice Endy is has completed her journey from Trego, Montana to Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Stan Perdue - completed his ride from Georgia to Arizona


Mikael Strandberg has completed his long, dangerous and arduous journey across Siberia.


David and Arleene Foster have completed a journey along the Pacific Crest Trail.


Eduardo Caporale has finished a wonderful journey in Argentina.


Bernie Harberts, his mule Woody and pack-pony Magnolia completed their journey across the United States.


Edouard Chautard and Carine Thomas have finished their Long Ride down Australia's Bicentennial National Trail - and been given an unexpected surprise.


Al Williams - completed his ride from Windsor Ontario to Niagara Falls


Steven O'Connor - the first Irish Member of The Guild - was unable to complete his journey in Ireland as planned.


Penny Turner has completed a thousand-mile equestrian journey through Greece.


Magali Pavin set off to ride from France to China and back again.  We have not heard from her for months, and assume her journey must have been completed.


Keith Clark's two-year ride in South America is over - for the time being, at least!


Esther Stein and Horst Hausleitner have survived (just) their journey from Southern Africa to Kenya.


Marie Denkens and Renzo Martens have finished their ride from Salta to Mendoza.


Michael Muir and Cindy Goff completed their journey retracing John Muir's route from Louisville, Kentucky to the Gulf of Mexico.


Tracey Elliot-Reep has completed her ride along the length of Great Britain.


Antonietta Spizzo and Dario Masarotti rode from their home in Italy to Poland and back. 


Howard Wooldridge completed his ride across the United States. He is now riding back again!


Garry Stauber made a ride along the length of California.


Carol Barrett and Lesley Channon were trying to make the first modern from Bath to Eastbourne - and back - in England when Carol had a terrible accident.


Dan Phegan, Ian James, Yola Cox and Colin Mitchell completed their ride from Darwin to Corryong in Australia.


Marie-Emmanuelle Tugler and Marc Witz completed their South American adventure.


Jennifer Delaney made a ride round England, following in the footsteps of Celia Fiennes' Great Journey.


Mary Pagnamenta answered New Zealand's call to adventure and completed a journey across both islands.


Howard Saether and Janja Kovačič rode from Uruguay to Bolivia.


Georges Baudraz and Sylviane Gold were forced to halt their journey from France towards Spain.


Ray Everitt completed a ride from his home in the South of France to the Swiss city of Berne.


Mike Winter had to postpone his ride across the United States, from Madison, Virginia, to Portland, Oregon.


Philippe Rustenholz completed a ride in South America.


Saskia Machaczek finished her ride through Argentina.


Saan Ecker, Pam Brookman and Angie Grusauskas finished a ride along Australia's Bicentennial National Trail.


Laura Bougault rode alone from South Africa to Malawi in 2001-2002.


Katherine Boone rode across Spain during the summer of 2001.


Eduard Chautard and Carine Thomas made the first recorded ride around the island of New Caledonia in late 2001.


Tim Myers, Gary Conger, Robert Malone and Fred Bell finished their ride from Oklahoma to New York.

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